In 2009 we launched our bi-weekly Podcast, featuring free mixes by our favorite artists and DJs created exclusively for Headphone Commute!

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Additionally, you can stream all of our mixes via our Mixcloud profile.

Podcast Archive : 2016 – 2015 : 2014 : 2013 : 2012 : 2011 : 2010

7 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. You are my main “radio” – You inspire me, I love your attitude, your articles, your actions…yes I’m sincerely in love :-) B R A V O – M E R C I – R E S P E C T et “longue vie!”

  2. Dear HC,

    I have over the last years gathered about 19 Gb of your mixes (nr 9 “intelligent breakcore” up to the latest 150 “pianorama 2c”). I always carry all of them with me on my phone and know most of them by heart by now.

    Unfortunately, there is no single way of obtaining all mixes apart from manually downloading all files or scraping the XML feed.

    Is it allowed to redistribute your mixes through another way than the links you provide? Would it be ok to offer your mixes in one big .zip through another channel, or create a torrent and make this available on public trackers?

    Thank you so much,

    1. HI Zevv! Wow, what can I say? I’m very much honored that you are such a fan!

      There is another way to grab all of the mixes through iTunes. The “podcast” as it were has a separate feed (see above), which can be plugged into iTunes (or any other podcast app), show all episodes, and download them all at once. The files will come from the same location as if you were manually clicking through the site.

      That being said, I would be 100% fine with you redistributing the mixes in one big package through any other online means, including a torrent through public trackers.


      1. Hi HC,

        The torrent has been announced to a few popular trackers and has been found by a handful of people already.

        Thanks for your approval, you’ll probably get a new audience to headphonecommute.com in return :)

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