liftmuziek sessions

In January of 2006, I launched my very first series of mixes, which I called liftmuziek, focused on IDM, modern classical, and ambient electronica of the time. The sixteen volumes eventually became a podcast, and then, somewhere along the way, Headphone Commute was born. The rest, as they say, is history. I nearly forgot about all these mixes, as the remnants of poorly encoded files slowly disappeared from the internet archives. That is… until now… Nearly by accident, I was able to locate all of the 16 Volumes in their original lossless resolution on one of my dusty hard drives!!! These mixes are now being released, one at a time, for all your guilty pleasures, to celebrate the sounds of electronica from the good ol’ days!

Check back on this page every few weeks, as it’s being updated in real-time, and don’t forget to click on the FLAC link for all of your favourites!

This is the very first volume in a series of liftmuziek sessions (2006) showcasing a selection of Delikatessen pieces, a short-lived imprint (2002-2004) spun out from Ant Zen, featuring experiments in IDM and Electronica from some of my all-time favourite artists, that remain such till this day. [FLAC]

The subject of the second volume in this session is clear – it’s a celebration of the now sadly defunct Merck records, which was run and operated by Gabe Koch from 2000 to about 2007. I am one of the lucky few to own a sizeable collection of these records, which I spun fairly often, and then, captured in this, now ‘classic’, mix. [FLAC]