Past Releases

We always track our favorite artists and their upcoming releases. We used to announce these individually via Twitter, but got tired in searching for the entries when it came time to check up on the release. So we decided to consolidate them here. Feel free to contribute below!


[November 28] SwodDrei (City Centre Offices)
[November 22] Peter BroderickMusic for Confluence (Erased Tapes)
[November 15] TychoDive (Ghostly)
[November 14] GoldmundAll Will Prosper (Western Vinyl)
[November 7] Sigur RósInní> (XL)
[November 7] Ben Frost & Daníel Bjarnason SÓLARIS (Bedroom Community)
[November 7] Trentemøller – Reworked/Remixes (self)
[October 28] David Wenngren & Christopher BissonnetteThe Meridians of Longitude and Parallels of Latitude (Home Normal)
[October 28] Black DogLiber Dogma (Soma)
[October 28] ByetoneSymeta (Raster-Noton)
[October 26] Maps & DiagramsThe Town Beneath the Sea (Nomadic Kids Republic)
[October 25] bvdubResistance Is Beautiful (Darla)
[October 25] Clem LeekLifenotes (Drifting Falling)
[October 24] The FieldLooping State of Mind (Kompakt)
[October 19] Maps and DiagramsLights Will Call On You (Nomadic Kids Republic)
[October 18] M83Hurry Up We’re Dreaming (Mute)
[October 17] KuedoSeverant (Planet Mu)
[October 17] Somatic ResponsesConcrete Glider (Hymen)
[October 13] Alva NotoUnivrs (Raster-Noton)
[October 11]  RustieGlass Swords (Warp)
[October 10] Nils FrahmFelt (Erased Tapes)
[October 9] Tim HeckerDropped Pianos (Kranky)
[October 7] Simon ScottBunny (Miasmah)
[September 30] ModeselektorMonkeytown (Monkeytown)
[September 27] PlaidScintilli (Warp)
[September 27] Tobias LiljaDelirium Portraits (n5MD)
[September 27] To Destroy A CityS/T (n5MD)
[September 27] ApparatThe Devil’s Walk (Mute)
[September 23] Hauschka & Hildur GuðnadóttirPan Tone (Sonic Pieces)
[September 20] The DriftBlue Hour (Temporary Residence)
[September 20] I’m Not A GunSolace (City Centre Offices)
[September 19] Kid KoalaSpace Cadet (OST) (Ninja Tune)
[September 16] Four Tet – FabricLive 59 (Fabric London) Compilation
[September 12] bvdubI Remember (Glacial Movements)
[September 12] NestBody Pilot (Serein)
[September 12] A Winged Victory For the SullenS/T (Kranky)
[September 12] MogwaiEarth Division (Sub Pop)
[September 9] HecqAvenger (Hymen)
[September 6] HTRKWork (Work, Work) (Ghostly)
[September 6] DalotMinutestatic (n5MD)
[September 5] Leyland KirbyEager to Tear Apart the Stars (self)
[September 5] Pritch & Trim – Stereotype (Planet Mu) Mark Pritchard
[September 5] DJ ShadowThe Less You Know The Better (
[August 24] CaspianWho Is The Alpha EP (Redukt Digital)
[August 11] BattlesMy Machines Feat. Gary Numan (Warp)
[August 8] DaedelusOverwhelmed EP (Ninja Tune)
[August 2] VA – Dubstep Allstars 8 (Tempa) Mixed by Distance
[August 1] The Black DogLiber Kult (Book 1 ov 3) (Dustscience)
[July 25] MachinedrumRoom(s) (Planet Mu)
[July 15] GoldieFabric.Live 58 (Fabric)
[July 5] Aidan BakerStill Life (Primary Numbers)
[July 5] Brian EnoDrums Between The Bells (Warp)
[July 4] DeepChord – Hash-Bar Loops (Soma Records)
[July 1] Chubby WolfLos Que No Son Gentos (Dragon’s Eye)
[July 1] OfftheskyThe Beautiful Nowhere (hibernate)
[June 27] Thievery Corporation – Culture of Fear (ESL Music)
[June 22] BiosphereN-Plant (Touch)
[June 21] Stephan MathieuTo Describe George Washington Bridge (Dekorder)
[June 20] GagarinBiophillia (GEO)
[June 20] Ghosting SeasonFar End of the Graveyard EP (
[June 14] Seth HorvitzEight Studies for Automatic Piano (LINE)
[June 3] Dakota SuiteThe Hearts Of Empty (Karaoke Kalk)
[May 30] TrentemøllerLate Night Tales (Late Night Tales) DJ Mix
[May 23] VA Enjoy The Silence Vol. 2 (Mule)
[May 23] Jóhann JóhannssonThe Miners’ Hymns (FatCat)
[May 23] Amon TobinISAM (Ninja Tune)
[May 17] CardopusherYr Fifteen Minutes Are Up (Tigerbeat6)
[May 06] Sabi / Kiyo71:36 (Force Intel) feat Julien Neto, Kettel, Richard Devine
[May 9] This Will Destroy You – Tunnel Blanket (Suicide Squeeze)
[May 06] 13 & GodOwn Your Ghost (Anticon)
[April 30] VAEra One (Thoughtless Music) Mixed by Noah Pred
[April 25] Prefuse 73The Only She Chapters (Warp)
[April 25] Boxcutter – The Dissolve (Planet Mu)
[April 25] London ElektricityYikes! (Hospital)
[April 25] IcicleUnder The Ice (Shogun)
[April 25] Explosions In The SkyTake Care… (Temporary Residence)
[April 12] HauschkaSalon des Amateurs (FatCat)
[April 11] Younger BrotherVaccine (Twisted)
[April 8] DaedelusBespoke (Ninja Tune)
[March 29] BibioMind Bokeh (Warp)
[March 21] BelongCommon Era (Kranky)
[March 18] Francesco TristanoBachcage (Deutsche Grammophon)
[March 15] OttMir (Ottsonic)
[March 15] StendeckScintilla (Tympanik Audio)
[March 14] FaltyDLYou Stand Uncertain (Planet Mu)
[March 11] Wagon ChristToomorrow (Ninja Tune)
[March 8] GrailsDeep Politics (Temporary Residence)
[March 4] Emanuele ErranteTime Elapsing Handheld (Karaoke Kalk)
[February 28] Kid Spatula – Spatula Freak (Planet Mu) – Classic Mike Paradinas
[February 22] Dustin O’HalloranLumiere (FatCat / 130701)
[February 22] Moritz von Oswald TrioHorizontal Structures (Honest Jon’s)
[February 18] ShackletonFireworks (Honest Jon’s)
[February 18] Shackleton + King Midas SoundDeadman (Honest Jon’s)
[February 15] Near The ParenthesisJapanese For Beginners (n5MD)
[February 15] Port-Royal – 2000-2010: The Golden Age of Consumerism (n5MD)
[February 14] AutechreEPs 1991 – 2002 (Warp)
[February 15] SubtractiveLADKindred (n5MD)
[February 14] Deaf Center – Owl Splinters (Type)
[February 14] William BasinskiA Red Score In Tile (Streamline)
[February 14] MogwaiHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Sub Pop)
[February 14] Tim HeckerRavedeath, 1972 (Kranky)
[February 11] COH – Iiron (eMego)
[February 7] Stateless Metilda (Ninja Tune)
[February 7] James BlakeJames Blake (Atlas)
[February 4] SeefeelSeefeel (Warp)
[February 8] PoordreamLiving Now (33 Recordings)
[January 31] Nostalgia 77Sleepwalking Society (Tru Thoughts)
[January 24] Demdike Stare – Tryptych (Modern Love)
[January 11] HammockLongest Year (Hammock Music)


[December 6] VA Bangs & Works Vol. 1 (Planet Mu) Get into the new genre!
[December 6] VASubtle Audio Vol. 2 (Subtle Audio)
[December 3] Clint MansellBlack Swan [This is actually a film. Waiting on OST!]
[November 29] Demdike StareVoices of Dust (Modern Love)
[November 29] Jon HopkinsMonsters (OST) (Double Six)
[November 16] The Fun Years God Was Like, No (Barge)
[November 9] IgorrrNostril (Ad Noiseam) Can’t wait!!!
[November 9] SubheimNo Land Called Home (Ad Noiseam)
[November 9] MattaPrototype (Ad Noiseam)
[November 2] Brian EnoSmall Craft On A Milk Sea (Warp) w/ Jon Hopkins!
[November 2] Post Modern Jazz QuartetBlink of an Eye (Thirsty Ear) Scanner
[November 2] SnogThe Dissolving Satellite of Egoism Overturned (Hymen)
[November 1] Broken NoteFlood EP (Ad Noiseam) Mastered by DJ Hidden
[October 24] 65daysofstaticHeavy Sky EP (Hassle Records)
[October 19] SquarepusherShobaleader One: d’Demonstrator (Warp)
[October 19] Keith KenniffThe Last Survivor (Circle Into Square) aka Helios!
[October 12] Meat Beat ManifestoAnswers Come In Dreams (Metropolis)
[October 12] HauschkaForeign Landscapes (FatCat)
[October 12] Morgan PackardMoment Again Elsewhere (Anticipate)
[October 12] Drop The LimeFabric.Live 53 (Fabric London)
[October 10] Gonjasufi The Caliph’s Tea Party (Warp)
[October 6] Lawrence EnglishSite Listening: Brisbane (Room40)
[October 5] Anders IlarStories of Old (Yard Rec)
[October 4] CommixRe:Call To Mind (Metalheadz) Remix album
[October 4] Magnetic ManMagnetic Man (Columbia) Skream, Artwork and Benga
[September 28] Philip JeckAn Ark for the Listener (Touch)
[September 24] Sebastian MullaertWawuwe (Mule Electronic) this is Minilogue
[September 21] Flying LotusPattern + Grid World (Warp)
[September 15] EluviumLeaves Eclipse The Light (Temporary Residence Ltd)
[September 10] NebuloArtefact (Hymen)
[September 10] World’s End GirlfriendSeven Idiots (Virgin Babylon)
[September 10] SeefeelFaults (Warp)
[September 9] DryftVentricle (n5MD) ex-Bitcrush return of Cadoo!!!
[September 8] Tzolk’inTonatiuh (Ad Noiseam)
[September 8] ProemEnough Conflict (n5MD)
[September 6] Hildur GuðnadóttirMount A (Touch) Remastered Re-issue
[September 6] Peter BroderickHow They Are (Bella Union)
[September 3] OvalO (Thrill Jockey)
[September 2] Future Sound Of LondonFrom The Archives Vol 6 (fsoldigital)
[August 31] Tim HeckerApondalifa (Room40) Re-release on a 7″ vinyl
[August 31] Rafael Anton IrisarriThe North Bend (Room40)
[August 31] Minamo + Lawrence English – A Path Less Travelled (Room40)
[August 30] ShedThe Traveller (Ostgut Ton)
[August 24] FenneszKnoxville (Thrill Jockey)
[August 24] GoldmundFamous Places (Western Vinyl)
[August 23] Venetian Snares My So-Called Life (Timesig)
[August 17] Lights Out AsiaIn The Days Of Jupiter (n5MD)
[August 17] BitcrushFrom Arcs to Embers (n5MD) – Remixes
[August 13] PlastikmanKompilation (M-Nus) Collection of early works
[August 9] SkreamOutside the Box (Tempa)
[August 6] Thomas Köner – Nunatak / Teimo / Permafrost (Type) Re-release
[August 3] Svarte GreinerPenpals Forever (And Ever) (Digitalis)
[July 26] On (reworked by Fennesz) Something That Has Form… (Type)
[July 20] Max RichterInfra (FatCat)
[July 19] OriolNight And Day (Planet Mu)
[July 13] Nils Frahms + Anne Müller7fingers (Hush)
[July 12] AutechreMove Of Ten (Warp) see also
[July 12] Terror DanjahPower Grid EP (Planet Mu)
[July 12] SurgeonFabric 53 (Fabric) – DJ Mix Series
[July 9] Moritz von Oswald TrioLive In New York (Honest Jon’s)
[July 7] Christopher WillitsTiger Flower Circle Sun (Ghostly)
[June 28] OrbitalDon’t Stop Me  / The Gun Is Good (ACP) 12″
[June 28] DigitonalBe Still My Bleeping Heart (Just Music)
[June 25] Ben KlockBerghain 04 (Ostgut Ton) – DJ Mix Series
[June 21] DeepChord presents EchospaceLiumin (Modern Love)
[June 21] Thomas FehlmannGute Luft Remixe (Kompakt)
[June 18] RJD2Inversions of the Colossus (Electrical Connections) – Remixes
[June 18] Kode9 – DJ-Kicks (!K7) DJ Mix Series
[June 14] The HerbaliserHerbal Tonic (Ninja Tune) – Best of Compilation
[June 14] Deadmau5At Play Vol. 3 (Play Records) DJ Mix
[June 12] Chemical BrothersFurther (Astralwerks)
[June 10] HecqSura (Ad Noiseam) EP
[June 8] The FlashbulbArboreal (Alphabasic)
[June 8] Wolfgang VoigtFreiland Klaviermusik (Profan) sublabel of Kompakt
[June 7] CaspaMy Style (Dub Police) – DJ Mix
[June 7] iTAL tEKMidnight Colour (Planet Mu)
[June 7] Future Sound of London Environments 3 (FSOL Digital)
[June 7] Trentemoller Into The Great Wide Yonder (In My Room)
[May 27] Biosphere & Jon WozencroftSubstrata 2.1 (Touch)
[May 25] 65daysofstaticWe Were Exploding Anyway (Hassle)
[May 25] GrailsBlack Tar Prophecies Vol 4 (Temporary Residence Ltd)
[May 25] Taylor DeupreeShoals (12k)
[May 25] The Glitch MobDrink to the Sea (self?)
[May 21] Speedy J Trails EP (Electric Deluxe) [Amazon MP3]
[May 19] D’ArcangeloCradle and Go (030303) [Buy from Clone]
[May 18] HammockChasing After Shadows… (Hammock Music)
[May 17] Simon Scott Traba (Thrill Jockey)
[May 17] God Is An AstronautAge of the Fifth Sun (Pelagic)
[May 17] Broken NoteChannel Zero / Pyrotek (Prspct) Single
[May 11] Clubroot – II – MMX (Lo Dubs)
[May 10] The Black DogMusic For Real Airports (Soma)
[May 10] Ólafur Arnalds…and they have escaped … (Erased Tapes)
[May 10] BengaPhaze One (Tempa)
[May 7] VA – Clicks & Cuts 5.0 – Paradigm Shift (Mille Plateaux) Label Relaunch!
[April 26] PanaceaChiropteran (Position Chrome) [buy on Ad Noiseam]
[April 20] Manual Drowned In Light (Darla)
[April 20] Current Value Back to the Machine (Subsistenz)
[April 19] StarkeyEar Drums And Black Holes (Planet Mu)
[April 13] Ginormous – The Sound of Love Impermanent (Ant Zen)
[April 12] MonoHoly Ground : NYC Live (Temporary Residence) Live Show
[April 6] ISAN Glow in the Dark Safari Set (Morr)
[April 5] The Cinematic OrchestraLate Night Tales (Late Night Tales)
[April] Eraldo Bernocchi / Blackfilm – Along The Corridors (Vital)

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7 thoughts on “Past Releases

  1. Upcoming from Tympanik Audio – December 12th:

    – Access To Arasaka: Geosynchron
    – … At The End Of It All
    – Known Rebel: Hollow

  2. some raster noton stuff

    out now
    R-N122 – SENKING. PONG

    coming soon
    R-N124 – KANGDING RAY. PRUITT IGOE (unknown release date)
    R-N125 – MARK FELL. MULTISTABILITY (unknown release date)

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