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76 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Just to say thanks.
    I’m an ordinary guy who knows no one else who appreciates this extraordinary sound. As such your website is a really valuable source of discovery, and the writing describes the experience so beautifully. So thanks for your words and your passion.

  2. Dear Writers,
    Could it be possible to publish lists (as pdfs for example) of your polls since 2007.
    I would like to discover the music you have voted best and honestly it’s a bit annoying to have to click twice for all the records hidden in each list.
    Thanks a lot,
    Philippe Requena

  3. Hi HC,

    Just thought it would be helpful to point out that the link to the beautifully talented ‘Will Long’ on the ‘About Headphone Commute’ > other contributors page needs updating to Will’s new website, as thesingularwe is no longer active.

    As always, in memory, and thought of Dannielle Baquet-Long, and a big thank you for all that you do for the music and sound that we love and need in our lives’.

    Peter :)

  4. Hi – thanks for the continued high standards on the site…enjoyed your year end lists as usual.

    I wanted to ask if Cedric was planning another Pianorama mix? The 3-parts from last year was magnificent…maybe you could pass on my enthusiasm if he’s thinking about it :)

    Thank you,


  5. Thanks for such a great resource – I’m new to the site so I have plenty to look forward to discovering. I’m thinking Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s latest album might be up your alley (out on Deutsche Grammophon). A guess, but an educated one…

  6. Hi HC and friends,
    Any chance of opening a forum here at HC? Yeah, I know we can comment all over the place, but that tends to turn into “we love you HC!” threads (all good, I do concur with this sentiment). I think the web might benefit from a place for people to talk in general about our kind of music, gigs, art n stuff in general. Am I missing something or does a forum like this already exist?
    Best wishes,

      1. I suppose you’ll have a good idea of how busy the site is and whether it could support an active forum – and I can appreciate an empty, threadless forum can be a waste of time to set up or maintain. Either way, I would visit it, and if it was open today I would say “New Richard Skelton, 21st of October”. Excited.

        1. It’s not the empty forum that I’m worried about, but instead the complete opposite! Forum polluted with spam, trolls, bots, etc. — I already spend a lot of time going through a ton of spam (which is why I recently disabled comments on this site), so it will take on a lot more work in terms of moderation, etc. On top of that, I don’t want to be in the middle of people posting (accidentally or on purpose) links to pirated material, and so that’s another huge dilemma for me… I think you understand where I’m coming from.

  7. Not so much as a comment but more of a request.
    I have Dream Scores part II. It came attached to my google music app. It is fantastic, but it does not list artists or works.
    Please advice.

  8. Hi HC,

    I wanted to take some time to express my deep gratitude for what you’re doing with Headphone Commute. Minimalist ambiant electronic/classic music was new to me until I stumble upon your website, which made me discover dozen of fantastic artists. It’s been hard on my wallet but oh so worth it. Please keep up the fantastic job with HC,

    Thanks again.
    Charles L.

    (Please excuse my poor English, my native language is French.)

  9. My name is Robert Blaauwbroek, I am from the Netherlands – Europe. Found your website and subscribed to the podcast. I am listening to Pianorama 2a – wow. Will be following you guys (girls) from now on.

  10. Are you planning to put together your Best of 2013 selection, aren’t you?
    It’s highly anticipated as always :)


      1. Here’s MY Best of 2013.
        An Astell&Kern AK120.
        It accepts FLAC FILES, sounds like nothing on earth, takes 192 GIGS of Hi Rez Files and blows the sound of an iPod completely over the backyard fence. It’s the biggest favour you’ll EVER do for yourself if you’re listening to anything near this quality. Bought mine in November and they are truly exquisite!
        Um, it’s $1399.
        Many thanks for the new list, HC.

  11. hi, i’m a faithful reader and podcast listener from Paris and I absolutely love Headphone commute… i’ve discover so so much good music following your recommendations, I feel like i should say thanks ! i’m very grateful to you for broadening my musical horizons.

    PS: i’m currently listening to “Federico Durand, el libro de los arboles màgicos” through spotify serendipity… i’m not sure if you know him (secretly hoping you don’t :p) but it’s a lovely ambient album…

    Regards from france !


    1. Hi Enguerrand! Thank you for your kind words! They brought a smile to my already fuzzy morning… I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I do know Federico Durand, since that album came out on Home Normal. I also just heard his “El idioma de las luciérnagas” which is coming out on Desire Path Recordings on September 10th! :)

  12. HC; have you heard the latest album released by futuresequence yet – Tiny Leaves ‘ A Good Land, An Excellent Land ‘ ?? If not its absolutely stunning – neo-classical/ambient bliss, fully recommended to you!

  13. Just wondered if you could recommend any concert listing sites or blogs that fit your aesthetic for NYC. Thanks!

    1. Hey John. I use site / application which keeps track of the artists you like and then lets you know when your favorite or a similar artist is in your area. This app works for all other cities as well. That’s how I mostly find upcoming shows. Besides that, I usually find myself at Le Poisson Rouge (NYC) which has a very nice lineup of Headphone Commute artists…

  14. Hi Headphone Commute,

    I just discovered you guys right now. You’ve got some really awesome tunes on here. I’m curious, how long have you (on that note, are you one person or more?) been listening to music seriously?

    Awesome stuff, excited to have found this place!


  15. i just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that i have been following your blog for several years now. and it’s always a real pleasure reading your reviews or discovering new music. I really value your recommendations and i have to say even if im generally not really a fan of reading music critics, your wordings and content are always so accurate, detailed and creative that i feel its time well spent to follow your posts.

    Keep on doing an awesome job!

  16. Hi HC

    I download your podcast mixes and listen to
    them often (and with repeated listens). I am always listening to them and often thinking
    “what a great song, who did it?” Then I have
    to go to the website, look at the playlist, try to
    guess where the song is in the mix and sometimes have to go back to the beginning
    and ffwd through and guess. I am wondering if there is a way to time mark these podcasts
    and include a playlist (look to Dave Michuda’s
    Lowlights pod). All that the mix notes have
    when I look on my iPod is about the artist but
    no breakdown. This would be a great addition
    (or even having the list posted with times so I can copy the text file and add it in ITunes. Perhaps you have had this question before and offered a solution to subscribers.

    Thanks, love the mixes!

    1. Hey Steve,

      Thanks for your question. I always put a full tracklisting into the “Lyrics” section of each podcast, which should show up on your iPod, instead of the notes on the artist. Mine works, so I assumed it would work for everyone else. Perhaps because I’m on an iPhone?

      The true reason why each podcast lacks timestamps is that because it’s really a major pain in the ass. :) — I suppose I can attempt and ask the showcased artists to submit a stamped tracklisting for each mix, and we can see how it goes…

      Thank you!

  17. A shame unsigned independent artists do not stand a chance in having legitimate self-releases worth noting. I hope you won’t delete this comment :)

  18. Love the site guys. I was wondering if you could do a section on music to study to. I am in university and am always on the look out for music to play while I am reading cases. Thanks if it’s possible.

  19. Dear Headphone Commute,

    Discovering your reviews and your blog this fall has brought an incredible amount of new music to my attention and to my experience. Had I only learned of Hildur Guðnadóttir’s “Without Sinking”, it would have been enough; but there has been so much more. Indeed, the pursuit of great music is endless…

    Which is why I would like to return the favor: No doubt you are well aware of the 21st century composers Arvo Pärt and Kaija Saariaho, but I wonder if you have ever heard Rued Langaard’s “Sfærernes Musik (The Music of the Spheres)” or Valentin Silvestrov’s “Silent Songs”. Both of these are incredible albums that, in my opinion, would be well worth your time.

    Given the unmanageable amount of music you must be facing, I’ll limit my recommendations to these, though I’d gladly share more with you if you are so inclined.

    Your comrade in sound,


  20. Hi, I bought the ‘and darkness came’ mix yesterday and it downloaded and decompressed no bother. However, when I dragged it into my itunes it fragmented into 88 separate albums and I cant play as the mix you curated. What have I done wrong and how do I do right? Cheers.

    Nice one, by the way, for corralling so many artists into contributing to such a good cause.

    1. Hi Barry, good question.

      Since the encoding of the MP3s is controlled by Bandcamp, there’s not much I can do to fix the properties of the compilation in advance. The good news is that you can do it now! Please follow these steps:

      1. Select all of the 87 tracks you have added (they can be also found in Recently Added playlist if you have one)
      2. Right click, and select Get Info
      3. Click on the Options tab
      4. Check the box “Part of a Compilation” and make sure it says Yes in the pull down menu
      5. Hit OK

      Now all of the tracks will be linked together and you should also be able to find the album under the Compilations in iTunes! Please let me know if it worked!

  21. Dear HC,

    How much I would love to write you here a thankful note, packed with warm words and tender thoughts. But alas, I cannot:

    You made me buy more music over the last few months than I did in my whole life, again and again spending my last dimes.

    I am now poor.

    You made my Sennheisers stuck to my skull as if a newly grown body part. My friends call me a freak.

    I am now lonely.

    You have made me forget to wash, forget to groom, forget to eat, forget to drink.

    I now stink.

    I don’t think I will ever forgive you.

    But please, please: keep the music coming!

    1. This is a wonderful note. Truly made me smile…

      You have to appreciate the hell that I am in as well! The amount of music that is being thrown at me is enormous, and my current struggle is actually turning artists down, or not being able to find the time to write about their works… So at times I feel like I’m disappointing more people than I make happy… Sigh… Such is life :)

      Thank you!

  22. Don’t stop…please don’t ever stop…The site is like Higgins Beach…but seriously your attitude plus approach is beautiful which makes me come back for awesome discoveries each time.

    Best & Sweet Jams

  23. Hi,

    I have only just discovered ambient music, I have recently been listening at night with headphones on and it has improved my sleeping vastly. My recent purchases have been:- KLF “Chill Out”, KLF “Space”, Benn Jordan “Pale Blue Dot”, Helios “Unomia”, Helios “Eingya”, Irezumi “Endurance”, Biosphere “Substrata”, Clem Leek “Holly Lane”. I would be very grateful if you could recommend any albums which are similar to these.

    Kind regards


    1. Hey David, thanks for your question!

      Headphone Commute mostly covers ambient and modern classical music, so you’re in luck! All of our reviews are really recommendations, so you can’t really go wrong with them. Plus every review has an embedded sample track, so you can check out the album before you buy. You can even just read the reviews by tag. For example, here are all the Ambient tagged albums:

      I also highly recommend you check out our Best of the Year selections. Here’s a link to last year’s Best of 2011:

      Based on your mentioned choices you should particularly enjoy “Music For Watching The Snow Slowly Fall In The Moonlight” and “Music For Bending Light And Stopping Time”. You should also check out “Music For The Frosty Night When I Miss Your Warm Light”.

      I know it’s actually a lot, but I think that’s a good start…

  24. As an obsessive completist, I’m going through the motions of listening to all of your wonderful podcasts – and with the release of the 100th mix, it seemed an appropriate time to make sure I have all of them. There are currently only 91 mixes available on the podcast feed…I MUST KNOW WHAT IS MISSING :) I believe I read something about a hard drive crash some time ago, which might have made an impact – but is there a numbered list of the podcasts I can look at as a reference?

    1. I may have cleaned up the actual feed to remove older mixes, but I do indeed have a complete collection on my side. If you download the podcast via iTunes or directly from my site, each MP3 is tagged with a number in the “Track Number” ID3 field. If you’re using iTunes, you can add and display that column in the list, sort by it, and be able to tell what you’re missing. I can then try to point you to the files on the server.

  25. HC, thanks so much for all that you do to find and share amazing sounds. I was curious what tools a pro collector such as yourself uses to manage your vast collection? Do you use meta data heavily or do you have a particular filing system? Also, do you recommend any software to manage music or convert analog to digital? I’m always looking for better ways to do things and my own music library is a bit unorganized.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and an interesting question! I’ve tried many tools in the past to organize my music. When it was completely in disarray MediaMonkey did the trick in managing the ID3 tags. But for the past 5 years, believe it or not, regular iTunes does the trick! It’s currently managing over 24k tracks and is doing just fine!

      I also started using the Composer field in the album info to store the Label in there instead. This way I can quickly search and filter on a particular label (this also works on my iPhone because it syncs perfectly). I’m also obsessive compulsive about information and make sure that every album I have has a cover image and at least a year. I usually don’t care for the Genre and more than often leave it blank.

      I used to rip my CDs at a lossless format (Apple’s), but due to space constrains (mostly on my portable devices) I’m now fine with just 320kbps MP3s. Plus most labels and artists send me digital promos which are usually (hopefully) are around 320kbps.There’s probably still an slight audible difference between 320kbps and lossless, but I just can’t be bothered with keeping those files, and instead own CDs.

      Disk storage is a whole other problem. And I’m a total digital hoarder! I actually own a dedicated 6-bay NAS filled with 2TB drives in it with a RAID 5. If you’re curious about this, the model name is QNAP TS-659 Pro+. It’s a dedicated Linux box and could actually act as the iTunes server appearing as a network shared device on iTunes. But I just use it to back up my entire library ever so often.

      Besides it being the disk solution for all of my computer appliances, I also store the original digital promos on there in their original form (these often contain more than just MP3s). There’s basically a folder for every label, followed by a folder by each release inside. This way I can find any album that I may have downloaded by not added to my queue yet. Speaking of which, always keeping your browser’s download history helps.

      Converting analog to digital is a huge topic in itself. You have to make sure your analog source is good, and that your A/D converter (sound card) is top of the line. The prepackaged turntables that claim they will record vinyl directly to MP3 via USB are absolutely crap. For software, I think Sound Forge works well, or the free Audacity. It’s a very manual process, but if you’re lifting vinyl, I recommend leaving the clicks and pops in place – any filter you apply to the whole track just muffles other important transients.

      So this has been a pretty hefty response, but I think I covered a lot of my personal tricks of the trade. Seems to be working out so far! Hope this helps you and others!

      1. Wow, that response was badass. I wasn’t expecting it. Thanks for taking the time to make such thoughtful answers to my questions! Much appeciated.

        I run Ubuntu/Linux exclusively. I guess Banshee ( is probably the closest thing to iTunes if I wanted to manage the music with a media player. I was downloading or converting files to FLAC for a while but like you mentioned, it quickly became cumbersome and ate up storage like crazy. So now I convert everything to .ogg. It’s not quite as good as Apple’s lossy compression but that’s the price I pay to stay open-source. :-)

        That’s a great idea to put the label in the composer field! I’m going to start doing that as well. I’d like to set up a raid system as too once I save up some money. For now I have a single 1TB hard drive attached to a TonidoPlug so I can stream music from my phone remotely and use it as a NAS. And then I back up everything to CrashPlan. That QNAP NAS you suggested looks amazing. There’s just so many gadgets and music to buy but not enough money!

  26. First off, I must say this site has given me keys to many, to me, hidden treasure chests. Keep up the good work! On to my suggestion:

    I know quite few audiophiles out there have issues with the sound quality provided by services such as Spotify, but none the less I would very much like to see Headphone Commute with it’s own spotify application. I have no idea what something like that would cost, but I think it would be widely used if offered! In my mind’s eye I see something along the lines of what pitchfork or RSM has come up with.



  27. Hi. I’ve been visiting this site constantly over the past few months and so I thought it was about time I sent a message to express my deep gratitude for what you’ve done. I can’t tell you the amount of music I have purchased after reading about them on this site. Thanks loads!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the music! That is the _only_ purpose behind Headphone Commute! Thank you for your words… It may be hard to believe, but even I need an occasional reassurance :)

  28. Hi HC! I What are other ost you reviewed among with
    The Caretaker – Patience (After Sebald)
    Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross – The Girl With The Dragon Tatto
    Clint Mansell – Black Swan ?

  29. I love the site. One of my favorite features is the occasional-calendar you have at the bottom of the main page, highlighting many of the recent and upcoming “huge” releases in the field. Why isn’t this a permanent feature?

    1. Hey Chris, it’s one of the hardest features to maintain because I have to scout the labels, catalogs,and promos for upcoming releases by hand… it kind of fell off the radar during the busy end of the year special, but I promise that I’ll bring it back! Maybe even today :)

  30. Am very happy to discover this magazine. Quite frankly I have been looking for some time for a credible publication that handles electronic and ambient music and already in the short time I have spent hear I have learnt about many a new project, including some involving some of my favourite artists.

  31. This is merely a message to thank you for what you have done for me. You have given me an extended amount of music to enjoy during the motions of life and while I do not share this thirst for background music to life with anyone I have realized that I can share it with you. I have yet to convince anyone that music can make staring out a window at night an euphoric event. One of the most exciting moments in my life is upcoming, however now delayed, with a train ride in northern Norway. The most daunting part will be what music will occupy my mind and for that I can earnestly thank you.

    I read a book recently called “The Elegance of the Hedgehog.” The book is made up of journal entries and a portion of it is called “Journal of the Movement of the World.” The whole book is wonderful but this portion I think you would appreciate most. This section of the book finds some of the least appreciated (or dwelled on) movements of mankind (for example, an olympic diver executing a dive) and drips the extraordinary out of them. These journal entries, like a lot of the music you promote, can make one notice the minute beauty veiled underneath the commotion of day.

    I often hear the argument, as I am sure do you, that a lot of the music you support comes across as boring, bland, uninspired or, my personal favourite, “I could make this” and to get caught up in that is truly missing the point.

    Thank you again for helping me adore the movements of life,

  32. Many an hour i’ve spent listening to what HC has to offer, and it’s been quite a ride.

    Thank you, and please continue.

  33. Hi!

    I was sitting in a Internet-Cafe in Sydney when in the background a mix of yours has been playing. It is difficult to explain what kind of feelings the music had been creating on me. I am still just amazed about it.

    Thanks a lot


  34. the sound postcards are interesting, as is the is the discovery of headphone commute. perhaps i can make something for you later in the year as the children are pretty time consuming at present. but ive at least five o six hours a day for household chores and making music for films, records and concerts.
    be well and calm

  35. Don’t really have words to describe all the great music your site has introduced me to. And thats a big word considering I have been listening to and researching new music for over 15 years. Love the variety and no rating approach. Thank for all the time and effort this must take!

  36. I happened to attend a random soundsystem appearance in Sydney on Sunday afternoon. I had my camera with me, and I have a Sound Postcard for you.


  37. Hi there,

    I think you should give a negative review every once in a while. That way, all your positive reviews would have more validity.

    I recommend reviewing Justin Bieber’s latest album. That shouldn’t be hard to give a negative review too.

    Thank you.


    1. Haha! Funny… I always meant for Headphone Commute to be more of a recommendation site, rather than a review forum. I don’t really feel like criticizing anyone, because it never ends up being a positive thing. That being said, there are more than a few dozen pop artists that I’d love to rip apart on here. But then again, I barely have the time to share with you all of the great music, so why waste my breath? :)

  38. Just wanted to let you know that I kept seeing reviews by “Headphone Commute” on iTunes, and that they are always very well written and informative. I was not aware of this actual site here, but kept stumbling across the iTunes reviews as I used iTunes to download quality music by many of the bands toward whom we apparently share a mutual interest. (I always take a few seconds to check “Yes” when it asks if the review was helpful or not, by the way; because like I said, they are always so well written and informative). Reading the review for the album “Sea,” by “Last Days,” I realized that there was an actual website from whence these reviews come. I have subsequently bookmarked this site as a “Favorite.” Keep up the outstanding work!

  39. what i am I listening to? apparently much of the same stuff that you are. i appreciate that you post to discogs too, cause they need more good reviews rather than trainspotter “DJ” review nonsense. i was going to say a few words about surrounded by silence myself, but i think you captured it just fine.

    just a note to say spot on, and keep up the great work.

  40. Thanks very much for your “Best of 2008” article (and for all the listening, sifting, and considering it represents). I’m delighted for these leads to artists and music I wouldn’t otherwise know about. For example, right now I’m soaking in Jóhann Jóhannsson’s _Fordlandia_. Oh man, this by itself gives your opinions instant cred with me! :-)

  41. HI!
    My is name is Esteban from Washington DC. Just wanted to drop a line and mention that your site is great and the name “Headphone Commute” is perfect. The music on here pretty much sums up exactly what i look for when shuffling through my iPod on my daily commute. Thanks and keep up the good work! Have purchased most of the music you review here because your suggestions never cease to be great.

    Maybe when I finish my EP i’ll send it to you guys for a quick listen and maybe you’ll like it.



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