Headphone Commute’s Best of 2016


Perhaps a little bit late, but I think you will forgive me for the time I had to take off and finalize the entries (on the beach!). Anyway, if you’ve been following Headphone Commute for 9 years, then you know how this goes. If you are new to the end of year celebrations, below you will find a summary of the year’s best music (reviewed and/or heard by HC) in a form of thematically grouped lists. These lists feature only full-length albums, without any ratings or genres, presented in alphabetical order by artist. If you find that you like a particular entry on one list, be sure to check out the others. You get the idea! With only one list published per day, you’ll have plenty of music to check out! I hope you’ve been saving up your hard earned money for this one – please support the featured artists and labels! Here we go, kids!

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Music For The Film Behind Closed Eyelids
Music For Bending Light And Stopping Time
Music For Awakened Spirits And Open Minds
Music For Crawling Through Abandoned Cities
Music For Withered Leaves And Lonely Fishtanks
Music For Walking And Not Crying In The Autumn Rain
Music For The Frosty Night When I Miss Your Warm Light
Music For Watching The Snow Slowly Fall In The Moonlight
Music For Sonic Installations In The Cavern Of Your Skull
Music For Missed Friends, Barbecues, And Turntables
Music For Synergizing The Synapse Of Ideas
Music For Capricious Souls Adrift In Noir-fi

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