Today, under our Headphone Commute‘s imprint, Undisclosed Sounds, we are releasing the fourth installment in the UNDISCLOSED series. As with all previous EPs, this one is published anonymously, but I am pretty sure that you know this contemporary musician. And since I can’t really talk about the artist, or give my own interpretation of the music and accidentally reveal the maker, what can I say about the release? Instead, I’d like to invite you to simply listen…

To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim

This digital EP is available directly on our UNDISCLOSED bandcamp, along with the first three entries, 7C858C2F2D30, and 5D798E

undisclosedsounds.com | undisclosedsounds.bandcamp.com


p.s. Have you figured out what the titles mean?

One thought on “UNDISCLOSED – 24393E

  1. I think many web developers would have realised the significance of the hexcode title right after the first Undisclosed release. Planning on EPs for the full spectrum…? ;)

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