Fingers in the Noise – Drone Journey

Fingers in the Noise - Drone Journey

And just like that, new things begin. This morning is another day, sleepily yawning into the autumn sky. It’s all about cycles. It’s all about change. “Everything changes,” a car salesman said to me when I asked about the improvements over the last year’s model during my test drive. I’m sure he knew how right he was. For today’s special podcast I invite you to contemplate this and many other important life lessons as you travel alongside Fingers in the Noise. It’s a journey you’ll enjoy…

This mix was first and foremost created just for me. The selected pieces helped me relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. I’m also happy that I could share this music, and introduce you to the less known artists. I hope you will enjoy this timeless journey as the sound transports you to a distant landscape and evokes a meditation for a better world.

Porya Hatami – Snail
Jan Jelinek‎ – Fragments One
Ametsub – Sun of Madrid
Kettenkarussell – Spirale
Taylor Deupree – Sea Last
Ayln – Before The Next Perfect
Antendex – For The Forgotten
Melorman – Heights (Need A Name Remix)
Purl & Deflektion – Make It Sure
Lorenzo Montana – Arcanskape
loscil – Showers Of Ink
Deru – Three Cheers for Existence
Orbit Over Luna – un jardin des cieux
Pawn – We are Alone Until the End of the World (W/ Josh Varnedore)
Geskia! – Joint Chant
Letna – Crossing the Bridge (Novisad)
Maps and Diagrams – Penelope
Opitope – The Dawn Of Memories
Ed Hamilton – Suddiad
Human Error – Heat Haze
r.roo – one question
Plumbline & Roger Eno – Pulling Strings
Arbitrarium – Missing Socks
Pjusk / Sleep Orchestra – Vansunbarth
Exif – Sea Of Fog
Ocoeur – My Love

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