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Well, here it is… Headphone Commute Mix #100. Of course, when I started this podcast, I never thought it’d get this far. I stressed for over a month on how to celebrate this round number – it had to be awesome, right? It had to be the best of the best! Finally I landed on a theme of music from the 90s – the sound that started it all for me – and called it Back To Mine. I begin the mix with a hallucinogenic mixture of bits, dreams, and flashbacks that have permanently invaded my mind. Those growing up with this music will appreciate the morphing of textures, as each should trigger a particular memory from the past. The mix picks up with my all-time favorite tracks of the past, representing all of my favorite artists, each holding a very special place in my heart. Finally, the nostalgia swells up in my soul, and I can’t take it any longer… I’m honored to share it with you! Thank you for staying with me. You are truly all my friends…


1. Orbital – Time Becomes // Orbital 2 (Brown Album) [FFRR, 1993]
2. Orbital – Halcyon + On + On (HC Edit) // Orbital 2 (Brown Album) [FFRR, 1993]
3. The Future Sound of London – Ill Flower // Lifeforms [Asralwerks, 1994]
4. The Future Sound of London – Cascade // Cascade [Astralwerks, 1993]
5. Banco De Gaia – 144k // The Magical Sounds of Banco De Gaia [Disco Gecko, 1999]
6. The KLF – Six Hours To Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold // Chill Out [KLF Communications, 1990]
7. Tuu – All Our Ancestors // All Our Ancestors [Beyond, 1994]
8. The Future Sound of London – Bird Wings // Lifeforms [Asralwerks, 1994]
9. Orbital – I Wish I Had Duck Feet // Snivilisation [FFRR, 1994]
10. Orbital – Sad But True // Snivilisation [FFRR, 1994]
11. Plastikman – Okx // Sheet One [Plus 8, 1993]
12. Plastikman – Plasticity // Sheet One [Plus 8, 1993]
13. Autechre – Foil // Amber [Warp, 1994]
14. The Prodigy – Claustrophobic Sting // Music For The Jilted Generation [XL, 1994]
15. Autechre – Vose In // LP5 [Warp, 1998]
16. Global Communication – 9:25 // 76:14 [Dedicated, 1994]
17. The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds // The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld [Big Life, 1991]
18. Aphex Twin – Untitled (Cliffs) // Selected Ambient Works Volume II [Warp, 1994]
19. Orbital – Time Becomes // Orbital 2 (Brown Album) [FFRR, 1993]

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12 thoughts on “HC – Back To Mine

  1. Let’s hear it for the ’90s!
    Congratulations and keep going. I have to know what #200 will be. Does anybody else have the complete collection?

  2. Greetings from Vermont – I have been enjoying your posts for less than a year now…always happy to find a communique from you in my in-box. This 100th posting/playlist looks great – you certainly tapped into my 1990’s musical past. Best wishes to the Future.

  3. Congratulations on this milestone, and thanks for turning me on to so much good music over the years.

  4. I think Aldous said it best (upvoted!). Congrats on 100 and I very much look forward to the many years to come. Thanks so much for your time and commitment to sharing amazing music.

    Question: I know that you prefer to stay anonymous, but have you released any music in the past or do you plan to? Your piano cover of Black Stone by Clark was excellent.

  5. Congratulations on 100, my friend. Definitely well-deserved. You’re proof of the rule that you get back what you put in, because we all know how much of yourself you put into all the work you do here. Thank you for everything, and here’s to the years to come.

  6. Congrats on 100!! Here’s to at least 100 more. Love your work. You give a lot of joy with this, jc

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