VA – Painting Pictures On Silence v2 (Enig’matik)

For the next few weeks I am preparing to immerse myself in the latest releases in one of my favorite genres: IDM. I have quite a few albums to catch up to, so let’s not waste a minute! But first, allow me to diverge with a foreword. I’ve been a fan of glitchy electronica ever since Warp Records has unleashed upon the world its Artificial Intelligence compilation in 1992, introducing me to the likes of Richard D. James, appearing as The Dice Man, Richie Hawtin recording as UP!, and of course, the revolutionary Rob Brown and Sean Booth duo, premiering their intricate sound manipulations as Autechre. For more on Artificial Intelligence read my Flashback Review.

In 1998, Trent Reznor’s Nothing Records published a compilation titled Nothing Changes, which came with my copy of XLR8R magazine. On the twelve-track release, Plaid, Squarepusher, Plug, Meat Beat Manifesto, and once again Autechre, have revitalized the genre, piquing my interest in exploring it even further. Nothing Changes changed everything! These two compilations mark the definitive moments in my life when music has awakened my senses and enlightened the self. It is no surprise then, that I keep turning to compilations curated by the labels to introduce me to fresh new sounds. Such is the case with the second installment of Painting Pictures On Silence, released by the Australian Enig’matik Records.

Specializing in “Sound Design Focused Glitch Music with strong emotive properties”, Enig’matik first caught my attention with the very first volume in the series, released in May of 2011. With the initial offering of experimental electronic, glitch, and abstract IDM, the label head, Jake Rose (aka Sun In Aquarius), introduced the world to some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s finest sonic junkies, beat surgeons, and DSP heads. Following the debut, the label published a few digital releases, and subsequently was featured in Headphone Commute’s Best Compilations and Mixes as well as Best New Labels of 2011. With this followup, Rose is casting a wider net, attempting to capture a global roster of premier talent responsible for the evolution of the aural virus which has infected my ears for the last two decades.

Along some of my all time favorite artists, such as Si Begg, Access To Arasaka, Frank Riggio, and KiloWatts, I am delighted to learn of eighteen new names and faces, such as Mind Tree, Faithfull, Geskia, and Chris Komus, to name just a few. The collection of tracks do not exactly fit into any single genre – instead they blend and merge exotic elements adopted from a variety of styles. The compilation showcases everything from glitch-hop to break-step to psyDM and dub-core. These are the frequency spanning, wobbly and crunchy pieces that burst with DSP-rich juices and splatter all over the rear walls of your skull.

As a collective, Enig’matik is a breed of producers staying true to their own individual journeys into the unknown territories of sound exploration, whilst expressing themselves in a pure form of energy vibration. Intertwining personal experiences and distant memories with experimental lashings of abstract frequencies on their sonic canvas, each individual artist has their own unique story to share, presented alongside like-minded artists in a future fueled environment of microscopic life.

Equipped with a decent pair of headphones (and no, not Beats by Dr. Dre – seriously, throw those in the garbage), this unique trip through the ongoing story of electronic music will definitely leave you thirsty for more. Pumped through a meticulously treated sound system, the music will make you bop, pop, and flop, in new and unimaginable ways. You can grab this digital release from Enig’matik Sounds bandcamp, where you should also check out the very first volume, as well as single releases from the label by Quanta, Goosebumpz, Chris Komus, Woulg, Whitebear, Child and Auma. Recommended for all the addicts to IDM paraphernalia, dealers in underground DSP doses, and manufacturers of otic stimulants. And I’m already waiting for volume three…

8 thoughts on “VA – Painting Pictures On Silence v2 (Enig’matik)

  1. I’d say more for office and home. I pretty much listen to music all day. As far as open/closed go I guess I don’t have a preference. I tend to like a lot a bass though.

    1. I’d recommend Beyerdynamic DT 770-PRO Headphones (80 ohm). They are incredibly comfortably, have good bass, and are amazing overall. You would be blown away from the sound!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check them out. Also, not sure why my last comment broke away from the thread. Might because I replied from my phone. Sorry about that.

      2. Based on your recommendation I have placed an order for these as well as a portable amp. Thanks!

  2. This is a fantastic! I’m really enjoying this release. What do you recommend for headphones? I’m afraid I have some that belong in the garbage but I need a decent replacement. Suggestions?

    1. First you got to ask yourself if you want closed or open cans and where you’re actually going to be using them (in the office, at home, or on the road?). Getting that out narrows down your choices.

  3. Great post, I’ll have to check these out, as I honestly haven’t been too familiar with anything too new in the IDM genre these days. I have been playing catch up to a lot of earlier stuff – a great record store out my way has been selling a lot of great early 2000 s IDM, especially from the Dfocus label – real good stuff. I too remember that Nothing comp from my URB subscription, and I was a bit skeptical of Trent Reznor putting out stuff by my favorite artists like Plaid an Squarepusher, and of course Ae, but it did bring the music to a much wider audience and helped folks like me save some money and not have to pay ridiculous prices for import CDs anymore.

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