Justinas Mikulskis (S13) – Headphone Commute Mix

Justinas Mikulskis, the man behind secretthirteen.org journal, stops by Headphone Commute to record an eclectic two-hour mix of genre-less music, spanning from 1971 to 2012. This is a journey into times, cultures, and minds of human consciousness where music always stands still. Here’s a description about the mix from Mikulskis:

This is the expression of me as a music lover and collector. In my perception music has no style boundaries and needs to be played long-sighted. Records from the different periods are included to prove that timeless sound exists and it can not be forgotten. It’s still actual even in these days in a musical dispersion chaos. As a deficit of open-minded compilations the idea to record a unique one started to expand and was maturing for a couple of years while acquired a flexible form. The mirror of inner feelings and thoughts for people who love nature, to explore and to thinking.

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01. Sudden Infant – Noise Relaxation [2005, Blossoming Noise]
02. Superstropharia – Intro [2006, ???]
03. African Head Charge – Over The Sky [1985, On-U Sound]
04. Gondang Sabangunan Ensemble – Batak – Sumatra – Batara Guru [1993, Ellipsis Arts]
05. SPK – The Last Night Of Tibet [1983, Viva]
06. Cicciolina Holocaust – Zigomar [2011, Forced Nostalgia] [originally recorded in 1984]
07. Bruce Gilbert – Epitaph for Henran Brenlar [2011, Editions Mego] [originally recorded in 1987]
08. Svarte Greiner – The Dining Table [2006, Type]
09. The Third Eye Foundation – Dreams On His Fingers [1996, Linda’s Strange Vacation]
10. Saint Etienne – Who Do You Think You Are (Quex-RD – Remix – Aphex Twin) [1993, Warner Bros. Records]
11. Black Lung – The Brazen Cellar Stomp [2010, Ad Noiseam]
12. Exit In Grey – Note [2007, Daphnia Records]
13. Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun , Let’s See [1987, Rough Trade]
14. Charlemagne Palestine – La Beauté Et La Bête [2007, Idiosyncratics] [originally recorded in 1999]
15. Aksak Maboul – Scratch Holiday [1984, Made To Measure]
16. The Caretaker – No One Knows What Shadowy Memories Haunt Them To This Day [2012, History Always Favours The Winners]
17. Lasse Marhaug – Out [2007, Pica Disk]
18. Angel – Dark Matter Leak [2011, Editions Mego]
19. Roll The Dice – Evolution [2011, Leaf]
20. Gultskra Artikler – Kuraga [2007, Miasmah]
21. Solo Andata – Middle That Time [2006, Hefty Records]
22. Isengrind TwinSisterMoon – Cat’s cradles [2008, Students Of Decay]
23. Xela – A Floating Procession [2006, Type]
24. Gil Mellé – The Piedmont Elegy [2010, Intrada] [originally recorded in 1971]
25. Monoton – Tanzen & Singen [2003, Oral] [originally recorded in 1982]
26. Coil – Glowworms / Waveforms [1998, Eskaton]
27. NHK – Entire Set [2008, Raster-Noton]
28. Autechre – Parhelic Triangle [2001, Warp Records]
29. The Shadow Ring – City Lights [Kye, 2009] [originally recorded in 1993]
30. Francis Bebey – Akwaaba [Original Music, 1985]
31. Sidi Touré – Bera nay wassa [2011, Thrill Jockey]
32. Nickolas Mohanna – Color Theory [2011, Preservation]
33. Simon Scott – Radiances [2011, Miasmah]
34. Implodes – Screech Owl [2011, Kranky]
35. Tapes – Sand Dunes [2005, Häpna]
36. Alvarius B. – Well Known Stranger [Abduction, 2011]

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4 thoughts on “Justinas Mikulskis (S13) – Headphone Commute Mix

  1. Keep it up. I find our music tastes to be quite similar, and I’m highly enjoying the eclectic nature of the mixes.

  2. Surprised no-one has commented on this yet. Excellent mix, quite similar to a mix he did for the Process series in terms of it’s eclecticism, but this one’s a great mix as well in it’s own right. Nice to see different genres sit side-by-side so comfortably, almost redefines the concept of music altogether.

    1. Hello. Thank you for your comment. It’s always better one solid comment than ten senseless one word comments. About the concept: I’ve matured six hour selection in my mind so this mix reflects two hours of it, also Modyfier reflects two hours as well. In my head is still maturing last two hours, if I find a proper place I will try to record them and publish.

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