Sound Postcard : Ezekiel Honig – NYC Street

New York City based Ezekiel Honig is the founder and curator of Anticipate Recordings, an electro-acoustic, ambient, and emotional warm electronica label, with releases from Klimek, Sawako, Morgan Packard, Mark Templeton and of course Honig himself. Recently Honig released Folding In On Iself, a minimal-ambient album on the beloved Type Records. But enough name dropping for a second… here’s Ezekiel’s Sound Postcard:

It’s a quiet night, with a light rain.  Standing in one spot on the street offered snapshots of conversations, a plane overhead, cars driving past, walkers walking, and simply put, the air of the city, which has it’s own sound even when ‘nothing is happening’.  The subdued commotion on the street at any given moment is what draws me in.  It allows one to be in something so much greater and larger, but find a personal path, an individual direction through which to navigate… the quiet within the noise. |

2 thoughts on “Sound Postcard : Ezekiel Honig – NYC Street

  1. zeke; I really like this sound postcard thing…takes me back to the late 1970s and my obsession with found sound which led to my involvement in getting NH public radio on the air in 1979. Just last week I ran into a young guy who just started working for NHPR, and he was telling me how there seems to be a lot of interest (well, some interest) among young radio guys in pushing more sound into radio reporting, and I found I was biting my lip and saying a quiet “yes, yes, yes”. And man, the idea of pushing bits of sound out as postcards takes me full circle back to the days, uh, can we call it AI (ante internet) when we were putting stuff on cassettes, licking stamps and sending ’em out to friends as mail art.

    keep yer ear on it!!

    George Packard

    1. I know exactly what you mean by the “ante internet” movement. With all the digital media around there have been a lot of interest in small independent labels to release hand crafted miniature packages with music, accompanying polaroid photographs, and yes, even some cassettes! The “mail art” still exists and is among one of the most interesting distribution channels out there… of course, the music is great too! Check out this Time Release Sound label (profiled on Headphone Commute) that puts out hand-stitched miniature creations that are usually immediately sold out!

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