Headphone Commute’s Best of 2010 : Music For The Film Behind Closed Eyelids

In the first installment of Headphone Commute’s Best of 2010, I gather my favorite albums of the year, consisting of music that simply makes you feel. The albums in this category should be classified as the soundtracks to your life. No other genres are required.

(entries are listed in alphabetical order by artist. links point to album reviews on headphone commute)

Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams – Small Craft On A Milk Sea (Warp)
Clem Leek – Holly Lane (Hibernate) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
Clint Mansell – Black Swan (Sony Masterworks) [ INTERVIEW ]
Greg Haines – Until The Point Of Hushed Support (Sonic Pieces)
Keith Kenniff – The Last Survivor (Circle Into Square) [ INTERVIEW ]
Marcus Fjellström – Schattenspieler (Miasmah) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
Max Richter – Infra (FatCat / 130701) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
Nest – Retold (Serein) [ REVIEW ] [ INTERVIEW ]
The Black Dog – Music For Real Airports (Soma Quality) [ REVIEW ]
Ólafur Arnalds – And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness (Erased Tapes) [ REVIEW ]

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4 thoughts on “Headphone Commute’s Best of 2010 : Music For The Film Behind Closed Eyelids

  1. I have not heard most of these, but I really enjoy Clem Leek and what I have heard of Ólafur Arnalds.

  2. A very nice list indeed! The opening track on Clem Leek’s album (“Mystery Moor”) is an absolute masterpiece IMHO.

  3. I agree with your choices (I have 5 out the first 10). I particularly like Max Richter’s Infra and Clem Leek’s Holly Lane.
    Have a great 2011!

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