Track of the Week : Hecq – Tiamat

I’m not even going to hide the fact that I’m a huge fan of Ben Lukas Boysen, aka Hecq. In the past years, Ben has contributed a Mix to Headphone Commute, and we’ve seen multiple interviews on these pages. Hecq has recently released an EP on Ad Noiseam titled Sura, as a preview for his upcoming album, and we are super excited to share with you a track from that 12″.

Hecq’s long-awaited return to the vinyl format contains two of his most insidious and intoxicating tracks as well as an equally dynamic remix by label mates Matta. Kidnapping dubstep and forcing it to perform an elegant back flip, Hecq takes the best of the genre, cleans it up thoroughly, and repacks it in a fresh, original and particularly up-to date form.

Pick up your digital copy directly from Ad Noiseam StoreiTunes, or Amazon.

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3 thoughts on “Track of the Week : Hecq – Tiamat

  1. Intense stuff – sounds like Autechre got together with Vex’d and duked it out in the studio. I’m still on the fence with dubstep. It reminds me of when Drum & bass was big over a decade ago. From that era, lots of stunning work was produced, but you really had to sift through the mediocre to get to what was good. This is going in an interesting new direction I think.

    1. There’s surely a wall of dubstep sound shuttering the speakers across Europe, and it’s a bit difficult to pick out the gems. Let’s hope we’ll uncover some winners, when the dust settles a bit. This one, shall certainly be among them.

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