Mix : bvdub – 2 hours and 20 years

This weekend we have another outstanding mix for you! 2 hours and 20 years has been put together by Brock Van Wey, releasing under bvdub, exclusively for Headphone Commute. It is indeed special, since this is Brock’s first mix made in 15 years with moments of elation. It was made on a 2-hour morning bus ride from Shanghai, where Brock reflected on the last 20 years immersed in electronic music. Carried by his emotional ups and downs, the mix incorporates a verity of tracks along the memory lane…

Be sure to check out bvdub‘s Return To Tonglu (Quietus, 2008), We Were The Sun (Quietus, 2009) and his amazing White Clouds Drift On And On released on echospace [detroit] in 2009 under his real name.

Cover art by Mr. Phil Price“Shanghai”


1. Maps and Diagrams – Shuffel
2. Ulf Lohmann – Untitled 05
3. Jasper TX – I Will Be Birds When I Die
4. Near The Parenthesis – Nidae
5. Bitcrush – Colder
6. Kettel – Halt Him
7. M83 – Gone
8. Bitcrush – Drop Entitled
9. Efterklang – Prey and Predator
10. M83 – In Church
11. port-royal – Susy: Blue East Fading
12. port-royal – Balding Generation
13. port-royal – Hermitage Part 2
14. Ulf Lohmann – Untitled 08

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18 thoughts on “Mix : bvdub – 2 hours and 20 years

  1. Seeing this pop up on RA made me very happy. Listening to it will, I’m sure, make me even happier (in a sad kind of way). Thank you Brock, and HC, for getting it together.

  2. last mix ever, huh? i didnt believe it when bvdub said it then, i am glad it was not the case… look forward to hearing this.

  3. “half of it seems to consist of remixes of M83”

    ? there are 2 tracks on there from M83, neither of which are remixes, and which collectively take up probably 8 minutes. i would hardly call that “half of it.”

    not that i’m not a fan of hyperbole myself ;)

    glad you liked it anyway.


  4. This is a very nice mix, but half of it seems to consist of remixes of M83, which is sort of strange…

    Also, I’m confused by the statement “this is Brock’s first mix made in 15 years with moments of elation” — there are several bvdub mixes dating from 1999 to 2008 on his website (http://www.bvdub.org/). Or are you saying that the other mixes just don’t have moments of elation? I think that’s kind of a subjective opinion :)

    1. I should have written that statement in quotes, because that’s what Brock wrote to me himself. In fact, here are his exact words:

      “… my mind went through tons of memories of ups and downs, which is why it’s such a varied mix, at least by my standards, as i kind of went through a lot of emotions in that short amount of time – evidenced by the fact that i think it’s the first mix i’ve made in probably 15 years that actually had moments of elation in it ;) while still mixed with plenty of the usual brooding sadness…”

  5. This is excellent! Kudos to Headphone Commute and Mr. Brock van Wey for gracing us with so much aural pleasure! Thanks.

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