Mix : Sysyphe – Under the Wood

This weekend we are very excited to bring you a chilled out, psybient mix by Philip Contamin, who records some lush downtempo under the name of Sysyphe. Check out his debut album, Running Up That Hill released on French Hadra Records. We’ve been meaning to introduce you to some of our favorite psychill artists for a while! And Headphone  Commute’s Best of 2009 : Music For Awakened Spirits And Open Minds, has been a testament to that endeavor. So it’s a pleasure to have an artist select his [and our] favorite releases from labels like Aleph Zero, Space Baby, Blue Hour Sounds, and of course, Ultimae. Hope this takes you on a journey…

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[ S T R E A M ] | [ D O W N L O A D ] | [ P O D C A S T ]

Track Listing:

1. Lisa Gerrard – Tell It From The Mountain [Naïve]
2. Lemon Tree – A Monkey [Blue Hour Sounds]
3. Vataff Project – Inner Beauty [Aleph Zero]
4. Alucination – Mean Time [Big Chill]
5. Androcell – Vital Signs [Celestian Dragon]
6. Kyoto – Forest Trip [Space Baby]
7. Zen Garden – Anasa [CosmicLeaf]
8. Aes Dana – Pulse Rate [Ultimae / Celestial Dragon]
9. Scann-Tec – Marking Time [Celestian Dragon]
10. Pineal – Another Time, Another Place [Blue Hour Sounds]
11. Ocelot – Rainbow Colors [Avatar]
12. Sysyphe – Legend of Winter [Hadra]
13. Yestegan ChaY – Stormekanika [Blue Hour Sounds]

[ S T R E A M ] | [ D O W N L O A D ] | [ P O D C A S T ]

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6 thoughts on “Mix : Sysyphe – Under the Wood

  1. Could be mistaken but I believe that Aes Dana track ‘Pulse Rate’ was also taken from Celestial Dragon’s ‘Vital Signs’ comp. Not exactly the biggest correction in the world but Celestial needs all the recognition it can get with often overlooked artists such as (Val)Liam etc. Great label :-)

    Good to see psybient getting a spot on here btw, it’s a nice mix

    1. You are correct! But considering that it was Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana) himself who sent me the tracklist, I could understand why he credited his own track with his own label, Ultimae :)… I’ll add Celestial Dragon anyway.

      1. I certainly wouldn’t want to play down Villuis’ fantastic contribution to the scene, Aes Dana makes my brain shudder with excitement. He and Ultimae in general really are just awe inspiring and both his and Magnus’ albums last year were stunning.

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