Clyde’s Treats : Peanut Butter

Hey there! Before we get into my special treats, let’s get the cat out of the bag. My name is Clyde, and I’m an English Bulldog. OK, I’m just a dog, get over it! HC may not talk about me much, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the music. I spend a lot of time in the studio, laying on the floor close to the sub. And I’ve got my own opinion! Personally, I prefer when the bass vibrates my itchy butt! So it’s no wonder that I’m a fan of deep rumbling clydestep. When I’m in the beasty mood to rip up some of your mailed in promos, I love to run around and growl to clyde’n’bass. I’m a big fan of modern clysical, and I also enjoy the soothing sounds of clybient. I snore to it for hours! And pretty much anything else clytronic. And peanut butter! I loves me some peanut butter!!!

Enough about me. So what’s the purpose behind my column? Well, while HC is too busy gathering the factoids about another upcoming review, a few albums that are played on these speakers never make it to this page! So this is my time to take control and summarize a few things that get my booty moving.  These bits are like the fallen food crumbs off the dinner table! It’s clyde’o’clock! Get it? Oh, and peanut butter! Oh, man, I can lick a tablespoon full of peanut butter! Just give me the whole jar!

Right, so… Let’s get to it. Since I mentioned clydestep, make sure to check out Benga‘s Phaze One (Tempa, 2010). Oh, and Reso‘s Temjin EP (Civil Music, 2010), was absolutely brilliant! Alex Melia is my favorite clydestep producer so far! He’s got that growl! And of course Starkey‘s Ear Drums and Black Holes (Planet Mu, 2010) was delicious! Also, have you heard Disrupt’s Foundation Bit (Werk, 2007). It’s an oldie, but still excellent! Speaking of oldies – you should give Scuba‘s A Mutual Anitpathy (Hotflush, 2008) another spin.

Here’s my favorite clydestep video!

What else… Oh, for experimental clyde-hop, there’s always The Gaslamp Killer! I really dug his mega mix called Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For YOU (Hit+Run, 2009), as well as his new EP, My Troubled Mind (Brainfeeder, 2009). If you like those hip-clydity beats, pick up Onra‘s 1.0.8 (Favorite, 2009), and I hear he’s got a new LP, Long Distance (All City, 2010) out back last May. Gotta get that one. And of course, I must mention Flying Lotus Cosmogramma (Warp, 2010) and Actress Splazsh (Honest Jon’s, 2010) in the same bark. HC may not have the time to cover them, but they sure got some playtime!

For clyde’n’bass, I’d get my paws on Noisia‘s Split The Atom (Vision, 2010). This is some serious, roughneck clyde-core meets clydestep, that you simply can’t miss! For some progressive clydebreaks, I’d recommend Hybrid‘s Disappear Here (Distinct‘ive, 2010). A little commercial, I must warn you. What else, oh, and a bit of Breakage‘s Foundation (Digital Soundboy, 2010) to get the blood flowing… Also, HC won’t admit it, but I’m sure I heard a compilation called Jungle Sound Gold (Breakbeat Kaos, 2006) play a few weekends ago. I remember well, because right before that I had some peanut butter!

For clyde-techno, I’d go with Luke Hess‘s Light In The Dark (Echocord, 2009), and Quantec‘s Cauldron Subsidence (Echocord, 2009). I think Quantec also released Thought Experiment (SIXONESIX, 2010) and Leap In The Dark (Statik, 2010)! There’s also good ol’ KiloWatts who released Nocturnal Sunrise (Harmonious Discord, 2010) and Time Keeper (Thoughtless, 2010). And for more clyde-dubby-beats check out Thomas Fehlmann‘s Gute Luft (Kompakt, 2010). Mmmm… peanuty…

If you like ClyDM, you must check out Ruxpin‘s Where Do We Float From Here (n5MD, 2009), there’s also his digital release, I Wonder If This Is The Place on the same label. Really good stuff!!! And don’t forget to grab LoessBurrows (Nonresponse, 2009)! Oh, and peanut butter! I mean, Architect‘s Consume Adapt Create (Hymen, 2010) will make your booty sore! And for more glitchy ClyDM, you can’t possibly miss Roel Funcken‘s Vade (Ad Noiseam, 2010)… Don’t tell HC! I think a few of these are meant to be reviewed some time later!

OK… I think that’s it for now! I’ve got to run! I think I smell some chicken downstairs! But I’ll be back in a month or so, to pick up some more fallen crumbs off the floor! And by the way, I _am_ the unofficial mascot of Headphone Commute. Got it? Oh, and if you want to send me some peanut butter, make sure it’s the creamy kind. I also like cream cheese, but more on that next time. Feel free to reply with your feedback! [Cats are welcome]

– Clyde

There’s also the good ol’ KiloWatts who released Nocturnal Sunrise on Harmonious Discord and Time Keeper on Thoughtless in 2010.