Sound Postcard : 002 : Elevator

It’s 5:30 on a Monday evening, and I shuffle into the elevator on my way home from work. There’s nothing exciting about this one minute descend, yet it is a prelude to my daily commute, which the brain tends to simply filter out. Here it is captured, in all of its mundane glory.

Listening closely a few more times, I like how the space of the elevator “room” gets tighter, once the doors close… At the end of the recording, a guy swipes his pass-card, opens the door and says “go ahead”.

One thought on “Sound Postcard : 002 : Elevator

  1. Wonderfully mundane. In the late nineties, a friend of mine and I would go all over Pittsburgh with my tape recorder and record many sounds, including the subway, traffic, rain falling, public conversations and of course, elevators, which were some of my favorites. Looking forward to more.

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