Mix : HC – At Home With Home Normal

HC - At Home With Home Normal

In the first few months of 2010, Ian Hawgood, the owner of Home Normal, bombarded my mailbox with envelopes full of promos, and my ears with sublime ambient bliss. In 2009, Hawgood managed to publish eight releases, and this year he’s already on the way with another five! I spent a whole weekend enveloped in drones, early morning soundscapes, and experimental ambient music. And then I came up with a way to thank Ian…

The following is a one hour mix composed entirely out of my favorite selections from Home Normal releases. It’s a perfect label sampler, if you will, showcasing the artist roster from one of the important, up and coming labels.

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Track Listing:
[00:00] Celer – Part 2 [HC Edit 1]
[02:30] Chihei Hatakeyama – The Dance Of The Sea
[03:30] Ian Hawgood – A Film by The Remote Viewer
[06:50] Konntinent – Collo & Orro [HC Edit 1]
[09:20] offthesky – Little Subtle Secret
[13:00] Mountain Ocean Sun – Peace Conference [HC Edit]
[17:00] L/M/R/W – Clay [HC Edit]
[24:00] Greg Davis – Bellingham, Washington (12/01/06) [HC Edit]
[27:30] Isnaj Dui – Towards Evening
[29:30] Le Lendemain – Louis
[34:40] Celer – Part 2 [HC Edit 2]
[37:30] Konntinent – Collo & Orro [HC Edit 2]
[42:30] Library Tapes – View From A Train 1
[44:00] Christopher Hipgrave – Dusk [HC Edit]
[46:10] Ian Hawgood – A Film by Federico Durand
[50:20] Celer – Part 2 [HC Edit 3]
[52:20] Chihei Hatakeyama – Within New Trees
[56:50] Le Lendemain – Even With Eyes Closed

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5 thoughts on “Mix : HC – At Home With Home Normal

  1. This is really lovely, so far. I’m unfamiliar with all of this music but may well be buying some of it soon. Any chance you could annotate the track list with starting times, to make it easier to identify the tracks while listening to the mix?

    1. I did some very long mixes, with fades that sometimes span over 30 seconds. I’ll attempt to add the timestamps where the tracks are more prominent in a few…

  2. Excellent mix! So lush and dreamy. Would it be possible to get the track timing to know which track is which?

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