RJD2 – The Colossus (RJ’s Electrical Connections)

RJD2 – The Colossus

Producing for over a decade, Ramble Jon Krohn, aka RJD2 is back with his fourth full length studio album, and all of the hype lives up to its expectations! With intricately cut up samples, funky percussion and original soul vocals, Krohn crafts an album full of tracks that have originally captured my attention back with Deadringer (2002, Definitive Jux). Two years later, Krohn has absolutely swept me away with his original take on instrumental hip-hop with Since We Last Spoke (2004, Definitive Jux). In 2007, Krohn got signed to XL and released The Third Hand, which is also available as an instrumental-only version. Getting signed on a major label landed Krohn on the road, touring extensively for two years. The mixed reviews and the constant performing must have been tiring…

In 2009, he decided to take it easy, launch his own label, RJ’s Electrical Connections, and get back to his original sound. This move is definitely welcome. The Colossus is the first new album for his label,  on which he already re-released the extended version of The Horror EP, enhanced with a second disc full of live footage and the making of the music video; and a boxset of 12″, reissuing Deadringer, The Horror, Since We Last Spoke, and Tin Foil Hat. The latter is a super nice limited release for all the collectors, titled 2002-2010.

The Colossus is immediately solid, fresh, and welcoming to an audience looking for those soulful sounds and laid-back beats. Featuring vocals from Kenna Zemedkun, Phonte Coleman, Aaron Livingston (as well as a few of his own), and the raps of The Catalyst, Illogic and NP, the album lightly skips across songs and instrumentals, demonstrating that Krohn feels back at home, in his own studio, on his own label, doing exactly what he always loved to do! With The Colossus, RJD2 is back, and fans of instrumental sampled funkadelica will not be disappointed! Be sure to also dig up RJD2’s obscure funky 39-track mix, Your Face Or Your Kneecaps, also known as Poorboy Lover Megamix, if you can find it in the archives. If you’ve never heard RJD2 before, prepare to fall in love if you enjoy DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Blockhead and Prefuse 73. And… start with his earlier output and work your way up to The Colossus.