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At first I thought that The Host was going to be another mysterious artist hiding behind an anonymous moniker to generate curiosity and buzz. Thankfully we can all avoid that anxiety and instead celebrate this new project, because The Host is none other than Barry Lynn, also know for his Boxcutter alias on Planet Mu. So why the new […]

In the mood for some laid back beats and loungy vibes? Let 40 Winks groove you with their instrumental hip-hop rhythms mixed with blues, funk, and soul. The group (also spelled without a space as 40winks, and referring to English idiom for taking a nap for a short period of time) is comprised of two […]

It’s been almost two years since one of the leading IDM labels operating out of Florida, closed its doors. My dear Merck… I’m tired of sighing. Your impact on the music scene still resonates till this day – with new artists drawing inspirations from your past releases, and abandoned musicians still scrambling to find a […]

Squarepusher recently announced a new upcoming album, titled Just A Souvenir (out on Warp on October 27th, of 2008 – and already available via digital download on bleep). But on my first preview of the album, Tom Jenkinson seems to drift even further away from his original innovative broken beats and drill’n’bass, so dominated by […]

Dark and brooding, Blackfilm envelopes you like a thick fog creeping off a cooling swampland. I recall a quote by Jim Morrison (which got embedded in my brain after Emmanuel Top’s 1994 single Turkish Bazaar) – “The music was new, black, polished chrome and came over the summer like liquid night“. Blackfilm is the anonymous […]

It’s been almost 11 years since Portishead released their last self-titled album (I’m not counting Roseland NYC Live). The three member group of Adrian Utley, Geoff Barrow and more prominent Beth Gibbons have been often credited with making the trip hop genre more mainstream. Originating out of Bristol, UK, Portishead introduced their hometown sound to […]


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