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Somewhere around the first ten minutes of the album I do a double take. Wait a second… This is not the Grischa Lichtenberger that I know. These are not the staple Raster-Noton technoid sounds, designed in a pristine German studio, free of organism and dust. This is so much more than I initially expected, and […]

Blurring the lines between dark ambient electronica and grim pounding techno, Luca Mortellaro drops a stunning debut, kicking off the very first CD release on his very own label, Stroboscopic Artefacts. This may be Mortellaro’s first full-length album, but it is by no means his initial offering to the scene. Lucy has been steadily releasing 12″ […]

I believe that Anthony Child requires no introduction. If you were listening to techno in the mid 90s you are familiar with his numerous releases as Surgeon on Tresor, Soma, Harthouse, and of course his very own labels, Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension. Those only waking up to his ground breaking sound must travel back in […]

It’s been quite some time since I published my own mix. I actually compiled this selection of favorite tracks back in January, and let it marinate while other selectors stepped up to the plate. For this 90th mix on Headphone Commute, I’ll let it slowly ooze out of your speakers and drape your ears with […]

On today’s Headphone Commute Podcast we feature a very special mix from one of the performing artists at Seattle’s Decibel Festival, teasing you with a preview of things to come. The festival is only a few weeks away, but the party has already started! On this mix, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt showcases his favorite latest tunes, delivering a […]

Paying homage to Brian Eno‘s ambient masterpiece, Music for Airports (Polydor, 1978), which Eno created for the whole purpose of being played in actual airports, to convey calmness and reassurance to the passengers about to set off on an airborne journey, The Black Dog set out to create their own version, designed for real airports. […]

A lot of great music in this one! In this installment of Sound Bytes, I want to cover a few compilations across a spectrum of genres. Not only do these showcase the latest in dubstep, drum’n’bass and techno, but I promise you that this sound is unlike anything else you’ve heard before. In all cases, the compilations […]

It goes like this. I wake up in my abandoned shelter made of found brick and metal scraps. It’s been raining for over a month now. But the water collecting in the corners is undrinkable. It is full of ash and oily fluid. There is only one way out of here. I step outside into […]

Rival Consoles‘ debut album, IO, comes as quite a surprise after the ‘modern classical vs. breakcore’ vibe of his last EP, Helvetica. Instead of the rather unique mix of piano and strings on top of drill ‘n bass, IO offers up a heap of crunchy analogue synths and straight ahead techno beats. Once you’ve gotten […]


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