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Graham Reynolds Before Midnight OST Milan It is through labels, which dedicate their time and resources into a particular project, that I continue to discover new and noteworthy artists. One of such labels is Milan Records, which specializes in soundtracks and film scores. This is the same label that brought us music by Clint Mansell […]

Over two years ago, :papercutz recorded a mix titled Dream Scores for Headphone Commute, which till this day is our most popular podcast on our Mixcloud page (with over 12,000 listens!). Before 2012 is over, Bruno Miguel returns for the second installment in this cinematic journey! So without further ado, here is the introduction from Bruno […]

Why does the music by Ólafur Arnalds makes me want to cry? What is it about that specific arrangement of notes, rhythm and chord progression that brings the tears to my eyes? How can melancholy, sadness and pure heartache radiate from sound and seep so thoroughly through my heart? Perhaps it wouldn’t be a surprise that […]

Peter Broderick surfaced on the scene of modern classical music back in 2007, with his debut release on Kning Disk, titled Docile. He was immediately picked up and introduced to a larger audience by Type with a pair of his critically acclaimed contemporary ambient and neofolk albums, Home (2008) and Float (2008). Since then, all eyes and ears […]

In a strange turn of events I came face to face with a bee today. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and a bee slowly landed on my mouse right when I was reaching out for it. It looked weak and wasn’t at all spooked by my sudden movement. The coincidence is that […]

This weekend we are proud to present you with another exclusive mix from one of our favorite artists – :papercutz. Bruno Miguel has appeared on these pages before, first with the Ultraviolet Rmx’s (Apegenine, 2008), his debut album, Lylac (Apegenine, 2008) and Two and a Half Questions with Bruno Miguel; then with his own Reflections […]

Falling in love with Max Richter’s music is easy. Lovers of electronica, modern classical, and simple piano music alike, follow Richter’s releases, and gobble them up with their ears. The music of endless dreams and cinematic wakefulness, sprinkled with electric pulses of shortwave radio transmissions and somber tones, rises above the ground like a waterfall […]

There is something peculiar about soundtracks. This is music composed specifically for the moving images on the screen. But why should it be limited to film, and not accompany the daily scenes of life or stunning visuals behind my eyelids. I close the door behind me and set towards my commute to work. The music […]

I was originally postponing any reviews of Plaid in anticipation of their new album, Scintilli, originally planned to be released sometime in Q4 of 2008. But it seems that it has now been postponed to mid 2009, and I can’t wait that long to talk about one of my favorite artists (which you should already […]


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