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It would be a major understatement to claim that Tomorrow’s Harvest was a highly anticipated release. It seems that ever since the group’s last record in 2005, The Campfire Headphase, the internet would light up with annual gossip of their return, the frenzy spreading fast and wide only to dead-end in another discredited rumor. So […]

Stars and star-gazing are a recurring theme in this expansive and mind-blowing double album from the beloved Hammock. I say beloved, because anyone who has encountered their almost mystical soundscapes does not emerge the same person. I recently interviewed Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd for Big Takeover, and found them to be intriguing, mysterious, cerebral, and […]

There is some music that I save for the night, and then there’s some that I leave for the morning. Windy And Carl‘s latest album, We Will Always Be, is one of the latter. Waking up to a beautiful weekend ahead, I brew up some green tea, open my window blinds and wait for the […]

It’s hard to believe that almost five years have passed since I first heard Belong‘s fantastic debut, October Language (Carpark, 2006). I still remember the day when the New Orleans duo, Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones, unleashed upon me a torrent of noise-heavy shoegaze drowning everything in its path with a distorted cacophony of pure […]

It’s been a while since we covered one of our all time favorite labels, n5MD. The last time we praised Mike Cadoo‘s label was in Headphone Commute’s Best of 2009 lists, where Plastik Joy, Port-Royal and Last Days grabbed the slots among our selections of the year. In 2010, Cadoo has been busy, releasing a […]

I know that an album is timeless, when after many years I return to it, and it still sounds fresh. Not only does the sound not age, but I feel like I should tell everyone about it all over again! And the music… it slowly hovers over the roofs of the sleepy houses, swirling down […]

After a string of releases and collaborations on various labels over the last few years, London based trio Rameses III released I Could Not Love You More on the always intriguing Type imprint in the fall of last year. It is a soothing and pastoral album full of lush drones and ambient soundscapes. Combining acoustic […]

Following up the free digital teaser, No Place For Us EP (Ghostly, 2008), The Sight Below graces our ears with a full length, Glider. The album picks up right where the EP left off – majestic flowing ambient pads spreading over endless soundscapes complimented with an ongoing four/four beat. This is ambient techno at its […]

Here comes Fennesz, with his highly anticipated fourth studio album on Touch. Christian Fennesz is a prolific Vienna based composer who has been crafting electronic multi-layered laptop compositions with an aid of his guitar since the late 90s. Or is it the other way around? His guitar driven pieces with a heavy dose of DSP? […]

With the world financial markets currently in gloom, the US presidential elections around the corner [and no real positive outlook in sight], and the overall feeling of minor depression, not the least of which could be attributed to the oncoming colder weather, I begin to wonder if these _are_ the last of our days. But […]

Hidden Shoal delivers once again! There are instant gems in my collection from this Australian label, including albums by Sankt Otten, Wes Willenbring and now the latest from Slow Dancing Society. To listen to Priest Lake Circa ’88, I retreat into my solitary bedroom, fall over the covers, and press play on the player. It’s […]

Entering the domain of ambient techno producers, is a newcomer by the name of The Sight Below. Ghostly didn’t think twice (and better for it), and snatched TSB for his first three-track EP, titled No Place For Us. The fact that I’m even taking the time to mention a digital single should tell you how […]


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