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This morning I’m a little bit on edge. In part because of continuous wet and cold weather that makes my bones and muscles ache. In part because of Robert Logan and his new release on Slowfoot titled Inscape. As I commute to music on my way to work, disturbing images flicker behind my eyelids: abandoned […]

Ni Prédateur Ni Proie is a complete theatrical performance packaged into twelve sketches on a disk. Strings tune up. A gong rings. A voice pleads with a shadow. Tension builds up. Industrial percussion kicks in. What follows is a combination of experimental neo-classical and avant-garde rhythmic technoid, curated with ethnic organic beats and acoustic orchestral […]

Like a buzzing concoction of plaster molded jigsaw, the sound of this abstract and experimental album descends on a creaky base board of musique concrète and gets nailed with percussive staples. The man behind this sound effect rich “soundtrack for late nights/early mornings” is Chris Reid, who goes by the name of Wurlitztraction. Reid compiled […]

So we’ll never know who’s really behind Gestalt Communications (Gescom), so what? It’s pretty obvious that Sean Booth and Rob Brown of Autechre had a hand at this. The only clues on this 2003 EP are the references to a well respected label, Skam and its title, ISS:SA (and even the latter is slapped as […]

With a title over ten words, you’d think that Benjamin Page composed a post-rock or perhaps an ambient album, where track and album naming is something of an art form. Nothing could be further from the truth. Page’s solo release under Elite Barbarian moniker, titled It’s only when you get to the end that it […]

It’s not enough for Bryan Konietzko to be large. To be enormous. Ginormous suits him better. Extremely digital and artificial in all its glory, the sound of sharp saw waves and crisp percussion cuts right through the trippy hip-hop beats. Listening to At Night, Under Artificial Light, I feel like I am crawling through a […]


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