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[Editor’s Note: This review was written on October 29th, 2012, just a few hours before Hurricane Sandy has hit the coast of New Jersey and New York. Today is February 1st, 2013 – it took me almost three months to publish these words. I’m not sure if there is a particular reason behind that or […]

Here’s another flashback to the beloved pieces of last year. Once again, we enlist the mixing skills of Andreas Adams (aka MuskoakA) to cook up an inter-dimensional journey through our favorite sounds. For this exclusive podcast, Andreas makes his selections from our Best of 2011 lists, this time it’s Music For Awakened Spirits And Open Minds. Using […]

As another year begins, I race to catch up on missed albums from my favorite labels. Israeli Aleph Zero Records has consistently put out some of the most interesting psychedelic, downtempo and IDM albums to date. Previous releases have captured the [hopefully coveted] spot on our Best of the Year lists, with Eitan Reiter’s Places I Miss […]

“You awoke. You were there, among the luminous beings…” Welcome to the magical world of Akara. Landing on this strange small intergalactic system you are welcomed by its inhabitants, celebrating your arrival with songs in an unknown tongue. With Joshua Penman behind the production of psychedelic ambient soundscapes and trippy downtempo rhythms, and Femke Weidema […]

Welcome to another exclusive Headphone Commute Mix! Today, I am especially excited to showcase one of my favorite genres in music – psybient / psychill. It’s no secret that I love the psychedelic morning beats, mixed with ethereal synthetic meditations on sound. This is the style that was featured in our Best of 2010 selections: […]

Load up that rubber band gun with a stretched-out bass and snap the trigger on the dropping rhythm – the wobble bubble hip-bop is in the house! The 10th studio album from Dave Tipper, Broken Soul Jamboree, is about to slap you across the face, with its top notch production, acoustically rich other world themes, […]

This weekend we are very excited to bring you a chilled out, psybient mix by Philip Contamin, who records some lush downtempo under the name of Sysyphe. Check out his debut album, Running Up That Hill released on French Hadra Records. We’ve been meaning to introduce you to some of our favorite psychill artists for […]

In this installment of Sound Bytes, I wish to cover a few compilations that recently grazed on the cones of my speakers. I’ve got some ambient, downtempo, and IDM here for you to munch on. And what’s more delicious about this organic cocktail is that a lot of it is FREE! Bon appetit! Made of […]

Frenchman Alex Scheffer, aka Cell, is an Ultimae regular, having contributed tracks to many of the label’s compilation albums, including the excellent Fahrenheit series. Yet, Hanging Masses is his first album for the label and only his second overall, not counting a couple of notable live releases. I’ve always honed in on Cell’s tracks; he […]

In terms of technique, Jamie Watts, the man behind KiloWatts, is an extremely accomplished producer; he knows how to make music that sounds great. His last full-length album, Ground State, released on Evan Bartholomew’s Native State Records, stood out for its fresh and chunky sound. It featured a rolling mid-tempo groove, using mostly an acoustic […]

Humans Under Visual Atmospheres (H.U.V.A. Network) is back with a long awaited sophomore release on Lyon (France) based Ultimae Records. Before I cover the album, it’s worth it to pause and deconstruct this group. H.U.V.A is a duo comprised of Magnus Birgersson and Vincent Villuis. Birgersson is none other than Solar Fields, a regular on […]

Evan Bartholomew drops another album for our hungry ears. This time, his groovy downtempo sonic treatments are released under his renowned moniker, Bluetech. For The Divine Invasion, Bartholomew puts aside his ambient and modern classical work under his real name, and returns to his tight IDM , digital funk, and tech-dub beats with a touch […]

The latest release from Kaya Project titled, …And So It Goes, is full of spiritual and ethnic elements, multi-lingual vocals, and world infused beats. This is a third full length album from a collaborative duo of Sebastian James Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain. Incorporating digital production design with organic instruments, Taylor and Chamberlain create a beautiful […]

Another excellent surprise coming out of Tympanik. And that’s twice in one year. First I was completely blown away by Subheim‘s Approach. And now another brand new group, Integral, hitting me hard out of nowhere with their debut, Rise. The duo behind Integral are Germany based David Rotter and Rafael Milatz. Their sound is dark, […]

It’s a quiet forest morning. The birds are chirping. Somewhere a large animal calls out to its mate. Soon the horns sound. The kaleidoscopic circus marches in. The trees begin to bend as they extend into the skies, branching out in rainbow fractals. Everything compacts into a single energy and then explodes again. The psychedelia […]


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