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Stars and star-gazing are a recurring theme in this expansive and mind-blowing double album from the beloved Hammock. I say beloved, because anyone who has encountered their almost mystical soundscapes does not emerge the same person. I recently interviewed Andrew Thompson and Marc Byrd for Big Takeover, and found them to be intriguing, mysterious, cerebral, and […]

Recent advances in technology elevated everyone to a status of a bedroom producer. Our social networking has released a torrent of music bombarding the airwaves with every possible strain. Among the endless mosaic of fragmented sound bytes I notice these gems. I hope you’ll agree… Daniel Mackenzie – Teeth Sleep Under Winking Black Eyelid (self) […]

The clock tick-tocks, and the music just keeps coming in. There’s no way that I can keep up (I’ve said these words before, I’m sure). Thankfully, a few bits and bytes are picked up by Elizabeth Klisiewicz for this installment of Sound Bytes. Meanwhile, Peter van Cooten tirelessly continues his journey through previously undiscovered music […]

Imagine a mash up of Thom Yorke, trip-hop beats, and celestial choirs, and you’ll only have an inkling of what to expect with The Hurt Kingdom, the new release from East Midlands artists To Bury a Ghost. These ambitious lads marry thundering bass lines with swooning emotional passages, capped by delicate strings. They carry it […]

We’ve been loyal followers of Brooklyn based Temporary Residence Limited for a while now… It seems that every year, the label manages to push our listening boundaries and introduce us to new music, that inevitably makes it on to our “best of the year” lists. In 2006, we were devastated (in a good way) by a collaboration […]

Her Name is Calla hail from Leicester, Leeds and York in England, and create a splendid mix of quiet, loud, and expansive music that is rarely heard anymore. They describe themselves as a post-rock band striving to make music that reaches the listener’s emotional core. With The Quiet Lamb, they have far exceeded those expectations. […]

Muttley is a self-described freelance writer, mixtape creator, promoter and archivist, who has created mixes for a variety of sites and podcast stations in the past. This time, he’s got an exclusive mix for Headphone Commute listeners, compiling tracks that use guitar as the prominent instrument. “Exponents Of The Guitar” was inspired by my father’s […]

It’s been a while since we covered one of our all time favorite labels, n5MD. The last time we praised Mike Cadoo‘s label was in Headphone Commute’s Best of 2009 lists, where Plastik Joy, Port-Royal and Last Days grabbed the slots among our selections of the year. In 2010, Cadoo has been busy, releasing a […]

I remember when I first discovered the sound of post-rock with the inevitable introduction to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. And I thought that I’d never get into ‘rock’ music. Since then, I dug through countless albums, each with their unique elements, building up on the foundation laid down by the masters. I don’t want to […]

I know that an album is timeless, when after many years I return to it, and it still sounds fresh. Not only does the sound not age, but I feel like I should tell everyone about it all over again! And the music… it slowly hovers over the roofs of the sleepy houses, swirling down […]

If it looks like I am desperately trying to catch up on some amazing albums, and tell you about them since they first came out,  it’s because I am. There is just way too much music for me to go through these days. And let’s face it, complaining about too much good music is a […]

Windy Weber & Carl Hultgren have been releasing minimal ambient and experimental post-rock music since the late 90’s. The catalog of this Michigan based husband-and-wife duo spans an eclectic selection of notable labels such as Icon, Ochre, Darla, Brainwashed, and of course, Chicago-based Kranky Records. Songs For The Broken Hearted is Windy & Carl‘s fourth […]

On the first listen, Madison based (Wisconsin, US) instrumental five-piece band, Cougar, sounds peculiar – not fitting into any specific classification (and proud of it!), yet tending to be loosely associated with post-rock more than any other genre. But after returning to their debut album, Law, for the second time, I realize that it’s exactly […]


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