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It’s getting chilly out there… Here’s something to drop into your coffee as you wake up all hot-headed and ready to take on the world.  Whether you want to chill out with these beats, or (as in my case) just waking up and need something to give you that tiny boost, I promise you will […]

Mixing it up a bit with some bass heavy post-dubstep and instrumental west-coast beats is a selection of tracks from a somewhat mysterious Belgian artist going by the name of Vuurwerk (tr. “fireworks”). With a four track EP under the belt, the ‘post-apocalyptic tree house’ / ‘whatever’ / ‘music made by a couple of kids’ […]

Welcome to the world of Debian Blak, where beats and bass copulate in a blissful marriage. Profiled in Headphone Commute’s Sound Bytes column on post-dubstep, Leeds-based Rowan Perkins has been turning heads in the community dominated by loyal followers of Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Flying Lotus, and friends. For this exclusive and very special mix, […]

Is it possible that we’re already in the post-dubstep era? What does that mean anyway? In my opinion, a lot of electronic music genres after a significant incubation period split into two branches. One goes the club route, stamping out tracks through a template of dance formula, which becomes quickly familiar to the DJs and […]


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