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Marcus Fjellström Epilogue -M- Aagoo / Rev Lab Every time I play Epilogue -M-, I can’t help but flashback to that Sunday night in Berlin, when in a warm and cozy space that is occupied by Erik K. Skodvin and Monique Recknagel (aka Miasmah/Sonic Pieces headquarters), I first witnessed a live audio/visual performance by Marcus Fjellström himself. During the night, Fjellström manipulated […]

Without a doubt, among the instruments of the world my favorite is piano. I’ve got a baby grand of my own, and whenever the house is silent I gently fill it with my notes. Piano has become such a force in contemporary electronic, ambient, and of course, modern classical music, that I’ve devoted an entire […]

I am getting extremely excited (and a little bit nervous) about Headphone Commute’s benefit compilation, … and darkness came. The release date has been announced as December 10th, and in just a week you shall be able to finally experience this incredible lineup featuring the world’s top talent in ambient, modern classical and experimental music. But […]

There’s plenty of beautiful piano music to go around these days. And hey, who’s complaining? I could never get enough! And somehow, among variety of styles, each artist manages to shine, shimmer and sparkle like a bright speckle of dust floating in the darkness of my wine glass, containing an entire universe all within itself. […]

Watching the world slowly destroy itself requires a certain kind of soundtrack. A bit melancholic, a little feeble, yet somehow serene. This music plays on, as the news of the day scroll by: fires, scandals, murders, and wars. One of the ancient Chinese proverbs, and actually a curse, states – “may you live in interesting […]

Do you know Gonzales? Perhaps you simply know Jason Charles Beck by his Chilly Gonzales moniker, under which he produces orchestral hip-hop with tongue-in-cheek humor and silly-witty rhymes. I’m talking here about his 2011 The Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales, on which he spews ridiculousness like “I’m at home in a taxi cab / self-absorbed, the musical maxi-pad […]

Byetone Symeta Raster-Noton Yes, I know that it’s already May, and I’m still reviewing albums from past October, but I just got a brand new pair of headphones, so I must spin them around the block – can you blame me? And what better way to experience the range of frequencies then with a handful […]

Fabrizio Paterlini Autumn Stories Self As another week comes to a close I find myself gravitating towards virtue, simplicity and beauty that could be only found in piano music. One of the composers who continues to make an appearance on my rotations, is Mantova based (northern Italy) Fabrizio Paterlini. His piano pieces have enchanted me since […]

Listening to Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto is an experience of itself. Personally, I like to prepare for this two-hour sonic trip by opening up my windows, lighting up some mild incense, and brewing up some genmaicha (Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice). As the sunlight enters my room and gets trapped by the […]

I don’t know where Volker Bertelmann finds the time to compose, collaborate and tour the world with his music, but in 2011 he managed to release three full length LPs and even a 10″ EP, titled Youyoume, on Serein under his moniker, Hauschka. First there was Salon Des Amateurs, a neo-classical take on dance music […]

First of all, I don’t think I’ve heard an album from Nils Frahm that didn’t impress me. Ever since I heard The Bells (Kning Disk, 2009) and Wintermusik (Sonic Pieces, 2009), I’ve hungrily consumed everything by this Berlin based modern classical composer. Both of the above, as well as Unter | Über release, and now Felt have been picked up […]

I’ve been meaning to tell you about Leah Kardos for a while now. Ever since I heard Feather Hammer for the first time, I knew that I’d fall in love with that album. And I wasn’t wrong. Before I go into details of this review, let me skip ahead and do some name dropping to set the […]

Thanks to Dynamophone Records, back in 2008, I discovered Shunichiro Fujimoto and his lovely, glitchy, organic electronica as Fjordne – see Headphone Commute’s review of The Last 3 Days Of Time.  In 2009 I closely followed Fujimoto’s move to Singapore based Kitchen label, and truly enjoyed The Setting Sun. Both of the above albums have made it on Headphone Commute’s Best […]

Before the year is officially over, we manage to squeeze out yet another mix. This is our 70th podcast! If you’re just discovering our mixes, it’s time to subscribe via iTunes and download all of our previous releases (we’re thinking of cleaning up the archives and only keeping the last year online)! For this end […]

We begin our Kranky label special with one of our favorite artists on this Chicago based label – Tim Hecker. As the press release fairly warns, “this is not a new Tim Hecker album, but rather a peek behind the curtains into the working process.” Dropped Pianos is a series of sketches and outtakes from Hecker’s 2011 […]

Well, excuse me, if it’s not good ol’ Volker Bertelmann making an appearance on the last installment of Serein‘s Seasons series as Hauschka! Having released Salon Des Amateurs earlier this year on FatCat‘s 130701 imprint, as well as a collaboration with Hildur Guðnadóttir, Pan Tone, on Sonic Pieces, and a two track long player with […]

Recent advances in technology elevated everyone to a status of a bedroom producer. Our social networking has released a torrent of music bombarding the airwaves with every possible strain. Among the endless mosaic of fragmented sound bytes I notice these gems. I hope you’ll agree… Daniel Mackenzie – Teeth Sleep Under Winking Black Eyelid (self) […]

Welcome back to a second entry in our Sound Bytes Label Special, covering a new California-based independent, Time Released Sound. Founded by Colin Herrick in March 2011, this small, independent, California-based label releases hand-made, limited-edition albums and EPs, with painstaking details and loving attention. “Focusing primarily on classically infused and folk based ambient and electroacoustic […]

After releasing Nils Frahm‘s previous two albums Wintermuzik (2009) and The Bells (2010), as well as an Unter | Über EP (2010) and a collaborative release with Anne Müller titled 7fingers (2010), the UK based purveyor of modern classical, IDM and post-rock, Erased Tapes Records prepares for a new installment from one of the rising […]

So, where did this marvel come from? OK, I have heard a single track from Francesco Tristano here and there. Once on a Point Music compilation, titled XVI Reflections On Classical Music with appearances from Hauschka, Alva Noto, Gas, Murcof, Max Richter, and more… Tristano performed a magnificent piano cover of Autechre‘s Andover. So perhaps […]


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