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In 2009 Ian Hawgood released an album titled Wolfskin on Jonathan Lees‘ beautiful hibernate label. The album contained “a series of sketches inspired by childhood dreams and nightmares.” The inaugural label release billed the work as “a cathartic and cleansing collection of soundscapes, created by guitar and piano…” And it seems that Hawgood wasn’t finished with […]

Well now… It feels like I’m back… For the last week I was “displaced” from my home, due to hurricane Sandy (read up on my status update) and it feels like I’m back… Not really 100% in the routine, which explains why this Headphone Commute mix gets published on a Tuesday, but it’s the mix […]

It’s been quite some time since I published my own mix. I actually compiled this selection of favorite tracks back in January, and let it marinate while other selectors stepped up to the plate. For this 90th mix on Headphone Commute, I’ll let it slowly ooze out of your speakers and drape your ears with […]

It’s already dark and already cold. On my way home I bundle up, wrap my ears in headphones, and cover my head with a hood. Wind is trying to penetrate my sonic shell, but I got a stronger wind inside. Jannick Schou creates torrents of sound capable of silencing the gust. A strong tempest is growing […]

Take a deep breath, press play, and lower the needle. Here’s what happens next. Multiple layers split the frequency spectrum, your own being, and the perceived reality as everything in sight is enveloped in sound. The lowest register appears in the foreground, with deep rumbling bass defining the rhythm and structure. The highs swim below […]

It’s hard to believe that almost five years have passed since I first heard Belong‘s fantastic debut, October Language (Carpark, 2006). I still remember the day when the New Orleans duo, Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones, unleashed upon me a torrent of noise-heavy shoegaze drowning everything in its path with a distorted cacophony of pure […]

With this installment of Sound Bytes we are accomplishing two things at once: introducing your ears to the music of Samadhisound, a label setup by David Sylvian and Steve Jansen; and welcoming on board a new contributor to Headphone Commute – Peter van Cooten, the man behind the wonderful AmbientBlog, featuring mixes, podcasts, and reviews […]

Chemnitz (Germany) based artist Olaf Bender has musically been in the shadow, as one of the co-founders of the Raster-Noton label, together with Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Frank Bretschneider (Komet). Mostly focusing on the visual presentation of the label’s catalogue, he had only produced two solo outings before offering to the world Death of […]

Here’s the second installment of Tones, Drones and Earphones which started in part one, where I covered Cut Iowa Network, Locrian and The Golden Sores. Hope you have a blast with the rest! Yellow Swans – Going Places (Type) Released on the beloved Type Records, run and operated by John Twells (Xela), Yellow Swans spearhead […]

This installment of Sound Bytes, as the title suggests, features six full length albums [published in two parts] that I have recently enjoyed, covering guitar driven noise, dense drone, dark ambient and even black metal. It’s sunny outside, but I still feel a bit of doom approaching. What can I say? It’s that kind of […]

I first listened to Ben Frost when he released his sophomore full length album, Theory Of Machines on Bedroom Community back in 2007. I described his music as ambient hardcore – psychologically raw, punishing, and overdriven guitars, with reverberated pads and rhythms that mutate into white noise and back, sending chills that originate deep from […]

Toronto based Aidan Baker and Montreal based Tim Hecker pair up to deliver an abstract and experimental ambient piece on a Canadian Alien8 Recordings. Hecker is not a stranger to a noise-prominent label, having previously released Mirages (Alien8, 2004), and a re-issue of Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux, 2003). In addition, his ambient recordings have already […]

Exploring the rhythm beyond its regular structure is the main objective in this abstract and experimental album by Kamran Sadeghi, titled Through Thickness. Like little insects beating their wings against an aquarium where rabid fish circle the dying microphone, the sharp frequencies in the swirling noise of clicks is just one image floating to the […]


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