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There is a certain sense of pride, which I awaken within, each time a favorite artist steps up in his game. There is a certain sense of nostalgia, which overtakes, when I look back at the earlier memories of discovering a début of the then unknown name. Here it is, the very first vinyl pressing, […]

Graham Reynolds Before Midnight OST Milan It is through labels, which dedicate their time and resources into a particular project, that I continue to discover new and noteworthy artists. One of such labels is Milan Records, which specializes in soundtracks and film scores. This is the same label that brought us music by Clint Mansell […]

Marcus Fjellström Epilogue -M- Aagoo / Rev Lab Every time I play Epilogue -M-, I can’t help but flashback to that Sunday night in Berlin, when in a warm and cozy space that is occupied by Erik K. Skodvin and Monique Recknagel (aka Miasmah/Sonic Pieces headquarters), I first witnessed a live audio/visual performance by Marcus Fjellström himself. During the night, Fjellström manipulated […]

On a cold and windy February morning, we are traveling into the world of Bartosz Dziadosz, a Warsaw based composer recording under the name Pleq. I’ve watched Dziadosz evolve over the last few years and slowly settle down into sublime and blissful ambiance showcased completely on this mix. Just skimming through the tracklist your eyes should land […]

There are days and even weeks when things just don’t go as they’re planned. Do you know what I mean? You start off in the morning with a few scheduled tasks, only to find out that you trip up along the way on minuscule obstacles that frustrate to no end. Perhaps it’s a simple network connection, […]

Brock Van Wey is extremely prolific. Any time I share his music with an unsuspecting audience they get drowned in awe. And every time they start the journey across his vast catalog it just swallows them whole. Today’s podcast is dedicated entirely to the works of Brock van Wey, showcasing his most known moniker, bvdub, as […]

I am getting extremely excited (and a little bit nervous) about Headphone Commute’s benefit compilation, … and darkness came. The release date has been announced as December 10th, and in just a week you shall be able to finally experience this incredible lineup featuring the world’s top talent in ambient, modern classical and experimental music. But […]

I’m hoping that by now you have already learned about my benefit compilation, … and darkness came. If not, consider this your official invite. Kreng, by the way, is also on the list of confirmed artists, contributing an original track, The Midnight Hour. Of course, I can keep talking about that for hours! Meanwhile, I am honored […]

Yesterday morning I woke up in a bad mood. As I was pouring my coffee, I realized that the prior night’s company gathering at a local bar ended up being longer than expected. I realized that I drank just a little too much. And most importantly, I realized that I missed a live performance by […]

In case I didn’t explicitly state this before, Headphone Commute is proud to be one of the Media Partners at this year’s Decibel Festival in Seattle. Yep, little ‘ol HC is right up there along with XLR8R, Beatport, Resident Advisor, and Red Bull Music Academy. To celebrate this honor, and build up the anticipation for the upcoming […]

There’s plenty of beautiful piano music to go around these days. And hey, who’s complaining? I could never get enough! And somehow, among variety of styles, each artist manages to shine, shimmer and sparkle like a bright speckle of dust floating in the darkness of my wine glass, containing an entire universe all within itself. […]

Watching the world slowly destroy itself requires a certain kind of soundtrack. A bit melancholic, a little feeble, yet somehow serene. This music plays on, as the news of the day scroll by: fires, scandals, murders, and wars. One of the ancient Chinese proverbs, and actually a curse, states – “may you live in interesting […]

When I initially heard Digressions I first accidentally landed on a third track of the album, titled “183 Times”. I was randomly shuffling through the latest added albums on my iPhone, and mentally playing a game, attempting to guess who the artist was. From the very first chord, I knew that I entered the world […]

Air Texture Volume II Air Texture Following in the footsteps of the Pop Ambient (Kompakt) and Excursions in Ambiance (Astalwerks) legacy, the Air Texture series is back with a second volume promoting the sound of ambient, minimal and modern classical genres. The 2xCD installment presents two prominent artists with an opportunity to curate each disk. […]

With June begins the second half of the year, with the first one laying dormant in the past. But it’s no good to mourn the things that were – instead we celebrate the times. Today, with the help of Andreas Adams (aka MuskoakA) we take a look back at our favorite selections of 2011, and […]

Listening to Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto is an experience of itself. Personally, I like to prepare for this two-hour sonic trip by opening up my windows, lighting up some mild incense, and brewing up some genmaicha (Japanese green tea with roasted brown rice). As the sunlight enters my room and gets trapped by the […]

What Xander Richaers (aka Rich-Ears) doesn’t know, is that I’ve been a fan of his mixes for years. In particular, his “Perfect” series, from “Perfect Aphex Twin” to “Perfect Four Tet” to “Perfect Orbital” and even “Perfect Autechre” – these compilations capture the essence of my favorite artists. So why hasn’t he appeared on Headphone Commute podcast until today? The truth is, I […]

Since its demise in 2005 and the subsequent return three years later (under a different management), Neo Ouija strived to secure the talent of its past roster and maintain its original mission. Unfortunately, the good old IDM masters of early 2000s, such as Deru, Kettel, Xela, and Apparat have all found a new home; the […]

Pjusk Tele Glacial Movements With previous releases by Rapoon, Lull, Skare, Bvdub, Loscil and Stormloop, the Glacial Movements label (founded by Alessandro Tedeschi) has become a sort of quality trademark in itself. A trademark for”glacial and isolationist ambient”. Pjusk‘s Tele, the label’s latest release, firmly establishes this reputation. For non-norwegians, Tele may not have the […]

I don’t know where Volker Bertelmann finds the time to compose, collaborate and tour the world with his music, but in 2011 he managed to release three full length LPs and even a 10″ EP, titled Youyoume, on Serein under his moniker, Hauschka. First there was Salon Des Amateurs, a neo-classical take on dance music […]


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