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Somewhere on the edge of our drawn maps lies our planet’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. This is a place where temperatures drop to -90°C, with almost all of its territory covered by ice. On the opposite pole of our planet lies the Arctic, a region consisting of a vast, ice-covered ocean, surrounded by treeless permafrost. These […]

Take a look at Celer’s discography and you won’t see a single disruption in an ongoing flow of creative output. Never mind the unfortunate events of 2009, which till this day can’t escape my concealed lips. If anything, the frequency of releases only increased, peaking at ten albums in 2011, most of which were self-released by Will […]

Hauntology… what is it? Is it another clever name slapped by a writer on a puzzling style? Perhaps a less apt journalist would label these sounds with a “post-” prefix, attaching it to a previously known genre, already stagnated and overused.  Or is it just a vapor, left by a spectre of sound, hanging in […]

Sometime around 2010, Scott Morgan dove even deeper into a territory of his minimal ambient sound. Morgan has been releasing on Chicago based Kranky since 2001, when he published his debut, Triple Point, as loscil. A year later he followed up with Submers, then First Narrows in 2004, and Plume in 2006. But it is the […]

Dear diary, Richard Chartier went off and made a seductive record, under his newly refurbished moniker, Pinkcourtesyphone. Chartier, of course, is a master of minimalism, known throughout the world for his sound installations and recordings on labels such as Raster-Noton, Die Stadt, Spekk, Room40, 12k, and his very own LINE. But this release appears to be […]

Air Texture Volume II Air Texture Following in the footsteps of the Pop Ambient (Kompakt) and Excursions in Ambiance (Astalwerks) legacy, the Air Texture series is back with a second volume promoting the sound of ambient, minimal and modern classical genres. The 2xCD installment presents two prominent artists with an opportunity to curate each disk. […]

Blurring the lines between dark ambient electronica and grim pounding techno, Luca Mortellaro drops a stunning debut, kicking off the very first CD release on his very own label, Stroboscopic Artefacts. This may be Mortellaro’s first full-length album, but it is by no means his initial offering to the scene. Lucy has been steadily releasing 12″ […]

It’s been quite some time since I published my own mix. I actually compiled this selection of favorite tracks back in January, and let it marinate while other selectors stepped up to the plate. For this 90th mix on Headphone Commute, I’ll let it slowly ooze out of your speakers and drape your ears with […]

Byetone Symeta Raster-Noton Yes, I know that it’s already May, and I’m still reviewing albums from past October, but I just got a brand new pair of headphones, so I must spin them around the block – can you blame me? And what better way to experience the range of frequencies then with a handful […]

Today’s Headphone Commute podcast comes from Floyd Kelley III, a selector of eclectic sounds and a curator of sonic journeys, including the last two mini-compilations on Dynamophone (003 and 004). This mix is almost exclusively composed of tracks from Taylor Deupree‘s 12k label and Richard Chartier‘s LINE imprint, both at the forefront of experimental, minimal and microsound evolution. Here are some words […]

Welcome to our newly redesigned Sound Bytes column! Today we feature four thematic releases following a trajectory of sound and words through ambiance, minimalism, and drone. In this particular installment we went to focus your attention on a few fantastic labels – Slow Flow, Twice Removed, and Unfathomless. Segue Into The Fall Slow Flow Slow Flow is a […]

Before I go into the details of this review, I’d like to take a moment and talk about the label. Glacial Movements is an Italian label, specializing in “glacial and isolationist ambient”, founded and curated by Alessandro Tedeschi, also known as Netherworld. The label was launched in July of 2006, with a customary introductory compilation. The […]

Japanese instrumentalist Taishi Kamiya’s Spectra of Air is the artist’s first studio album. Released by the ever impressive Home Normal, the album is a departure from Kamiya’s previous focus on improvisation. Instead we find a carefully constructed soundscape, rich in steadily built texture and detail. The result is both immersive and intriguing. The artwork on […]

Today we are honored to share with you a special mix from Richard Chartier. With numerous releases on his very own LINE, as well as 12k, Raster-Noton, Room40,  Spekk, Die Stadt and many other experimental labels, Chartier is a highly regarded sound artist, manipulator and sculptor of ambient, minimal, and reductionist electronic music. I could continue […]

My good friend and accomplice in exploration of beautiful music, Peter van Cooten, returns to Headphone Commute to showcase some of his favorite selections from 2011. And what a great way to start off the year! Here is an introduction from Peter: This mix obviously found its name from the lovely intro (and outtro) track […]

Waking up this morning, a day of Thanksgiving (and more importantly a day off), I gravitate towards my studio and power on the system. Across the river, the sun is rising, and its bright yellow fingers sweep the cold Autumn skin. On this early day in November I gather my thoughts of all music, in […]

I suppose a part of me suspected that after Brock Van Wey released Tribes At The Temple Of Silence on Home Normal, it would not take long for him to engage in some kind of a collaboration with the label’s curator, installation artist and prolific musician, Ian Hawgood. I just didn’t expect it to happen […]

Wrapping up our four-part 12k special with three latest favorite releases, I can’t help but point out the label’s continuous attention to detail, its intricate aesthetic characteristics, coupled with an additional dimension of conceptual representation, where music really meets art, and art starts to sound like music. Whether the recordings are left to gently purr […]

In this third installment of our four-part 12k special, we examine two live performances and an experimental EP. In all three, the label excels at providing a service of archiving, if you will, of single events, group gatherings, and academical studies. With these releases, 12k once again stands out among today’s cutting edge experimental, improvisational […]

Here’s the second installment in our four part 12k Sound Bytes special. In this particular entry, I decided to dig back a few years and cover the albums that I really enjoyed from the label, but didn’t have the time to write about before. As with all music, I don’t believe in assigning a numerical value […]


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