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At first I thought that The Host was going to be another mysterious artist hiding behind an anonymous moniker to generate curiosity and buzz. Thankfully we can all avoid that anxiety and instead celebrate this new project, because The Host is none other than Barry Lynn, also know for his Boxcutter alias on Planet Mu. So why the new […]

Outmind descends upon your waking ears with a suffocating density of Los Angeles morning smog. Matthew David McQueen produces captivating lo-fi leftfield beats that fall somewhere between the mysterious ambiance of Boards of Canada, the exotic selection of Demdike Stare and the esoteric rhythms of Flying Lotus. Somewhat psychedelic, a little hungover, and a tad blunted, the […]

I discovered Herd‘s sound only last year, when he released another installment in his Tangents series on Future Sound of London‘s own label, fsoldigital. I’ll be honest, being a huge fan of everything FSOL since the early 90s, I was immediately blown away! I still play Lifeforms every time I need to enter a world of experimental downtempo and leftfield […]

Imagine yourself riding through the country in your brand new convertible on a summer day… Imagine drifting above the stretching fields following the sunset towards the horizon with warm wind in your hair… Imagine floating above the clouds, climbing to the heights where the air is thin, and then diving off the coast towards the salty ocean… […]

I somehow stumbled upon Sun Glitters in March and the album hasn’t left my player ever since.  Luxembourg based Victor Ferreira (also known as sug(r)cane) is quite prolific and seems to regularly add to his oeuvre with remixes and stand alone tracks popping up on his bandcamp on a fairly regular basis… Upon initial listening I raved to those who would listen, […]

Has Lusine turned almost pop? Well, not quite. If so, then pop music has never sounded so good! But peel back the vocals from the foreground, appearing on a few tracks by Vilja Larjosto and Caitlin Sherman, and we are left with the good old electronic sound of Lusine, known for his lush ambient soundscapes, […]

What follows below is a review for an album whose title has been rendered regretfully apt. The sudden passing of Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper only two days after the group released their long-awaited third full-length studio record is a coincidence suggestive of a sacrifice: an untimely departure at the arrival of something so great, […]

This morning I’m a little bit on edge. In part because of continuous wet and cold weather that makes my bones and muscles ache. In part because of Robert Logan and his new release on Slowfoot titled Inscape. As I commute to music on my way to work, disturbing images flicker behind my eyelids: abandoned […]


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