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It’s been over six years since Oliver Doerell and Roger Döring released their 2006  album, Vertigo II as Dictaphone. And to tell you the truth, I’m still playing their 2002 debut, m.=addiction. Both of these, along with the 2004 Nacht EP are part of my dearly treasured catalog collection from City Centre Offices. In fact, […]

Outmind descends upon your waking ears with a suffocating density of Los Angeles morning smog. Matthew David McQueen produces captivating lo-fi leftfield beats that fall somewhere between the mysterious ambiance of Boards of Canada, the exotic selection of Demdike Stare and the esoteric rhythms of Flying Lotus. Somewhat psychedelic, a little hungover, and a tad blunted, the […]

Among purveyors of instrumental hip-hop, US West Coast beats, and jazz influenced downtempo, Shigeto is in a category all of his own. Fans of Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder catalog (now operated by Ninja Tune over in Europe), with releases by Teebs, Lorn, The Gaslamp Killer and many others, will find his sound fitting neatly on the shelves with sample-based abstract, […]

For the first entry in the label’s Seasons 2011 series, Huw Roberts of Serein invites a Chicago based crossover jazz duo, Charles Rumback and Charles Gorczynski, to contribute a four-track EP as Colorlist. Recorded by John Hughes (aka Slicker and owner of Hefty Records) and Joshua Eustis (one half of Telefon Tel Aviv), the duo […]

Having just witnessed a live performance by Simon Scott at Seattle’s Decibel Festival, I was preparing myself for forty minutes of blissful drone and pacified ambient. Imagine my surprise when Bunny opened up with an almost jazzy groove! I shall, however, curb my revelations – this is, after all a release on Miasmah, a label […]

My face is wet and cold, fighting through the wind of my grouchy commute, but my mind is hazy and warm, gently nodding away to the rhythms of jazzy riffs in an underground cafe. There, the soft smoke rises up and mixes with the sweet aroma of freshly ground coffee, and the slightly spicy perfume. […]

Goce Gligurovski’s Spring Rain mix appeared on Headphone Commute back in May of 2010. A year later, Mnemonic45 returns to our podcast with a dedication to International Workers’ Day, commonly celebrated across Eastern Europe and the rest of the world in more than 80 countries. For this mix, Mnemonic45 takes us across his favorite jazzy electronica, […]

On this beautiful Sunday morning we are mesmerized by the storytelling qualities of Cole Pierce‘s latest mix. This is his third installment for Headphone Commute’s podcast, and we are definitely happy to host his selection of incredible tunes that otherwise would have never grazed these speakers. Here’s more from Cole: This mix was named Lazy […]

I’ve been a regular contributor to The Music Lobby since the site’s inception back in 2007. I first met Casey Winters on and was captivated and inspired by his taste in music. And you know that feeling. Instantly you want to pick up and listen to every recommendation, and when each keeps on being […]

A few steps in an empty gym, an organ chord, some pouring water, and we’re off… Aix is a slight departure from the Italian artist’s, Giuseppe Ielasi, previous release on 12k, August. The latter is a work of restraint ambiance with electronically treated acoustic instrumentation, which was a perfect fit for Taylor Deupree‘s minimal label. While […]

With its fifth limited release, Somnia is introducing Juxta Phona & Offthesky to the rest of the world. Starting off with some ambient and modern classical sounds, Somnia delivered a little surprise with their last release by Evan Marc and Steve Hillage. In Dreamtime Submersible the duo has married dub techno and hypnotic ambient sound […]

In the mood for some laid back beats and loungy vibes? Let 40 Winks groove you with their instrumental hip-hop rhythms mixed with blues, funk, and soul. The group (also spelled without a space as 40winks, and referring to English idiom for taking a nap for a short period of time) is comprised of two […]

With his twelfth album, Tom Jenkinson takes even a further departure from his staple Squarepuher sound of broken beats atop slapped bass and twisted triggers of the Amen Break. Warp‘s own store, Warpmart, categorizes the album as “Drum and Bass / Breakcore / Electronica”, but I assure you, nothing could be further from the truth! […]

Squarepusher recently announced a new upcoming album, titled Just A Souvenir (out on Warp on October 27th, of 2008 – and already available via digital download on bleep). But on my first preview of the album, Tom Jenkinson seems to drift even further away from his original innovative broken beats and drill’n’bass, so dominated by […]

Silences Sumire sounds as if Arovane remixed the live improvisation of Miles Davis, laying on his glitchy swishing drum patterns over electro-acoustic treatments of jazzy instrumentation. Hailing from Chicago, the group consisting of Thomas Faulds (Mercury Effect) and Charles Gorczynski (Colorlist, Leaves) compose a blend of light, electronic, and digitally crunchy percussion over woodwinds (alto […]


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