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Going into the new album by Actress with certain expectations is a mistake. After Darren J. Cunningham‘s release on Honest Jon’s Records, Splazsh (2010), one may be predisposed to want to hear even more experimental beats paired with, what the current music scene throws under an umbrella term, bass music. Instead, the mysteriously titled third […]

Outmind descends upon your waking ears with a suffocating density of Los Angeles morning smog. Matthew David McQueen produces captivating lo-fi leftfield beats that fall somewhere between the mysterious ambiance of Boards of Canada, the exotic selection of Demdike Stare and the esoteric rhythms of Flying Lotus. Somewhat psychedelic, a little hungover, and a tad blunted, the […]

Among purveyors of instrumental hip-hop, US West Coast beats, and jazz influenced downtempo, Shigeto is in a category all of his own. Fans of Flying Lotus‘ Brainfeeder catalog (now operated by Ninja Tune over in Europe), with releases by Teebs, Lorn, The Gaslamp Killer and many others, will find his sound fitting neatly on the shelves with sample-based abstract, […]

I’ve been a regular contributor to The Music Lobby since the site’s inception back in 2007. I first met Casey Winters on and was captivated and inspired by his taste in music. And you know that feeling. Instantly you want to pick up and listen to every recommendation, and when each keeps on being […]

Listening to Slugabed for the first time brings back the memories of hearing the complexity of Squarepusher or the insanity of Venetian Snares who, incidentally, released his sweet venom on Planet Mu as well. But the music of this 19 year old, Bath (UK) based producer, Greg Feldwick, is not the broken rhythms of breakcore […]

Producing for over a decade, Ramble Jon Krohn, aka RJD2 is back with his fourth full length studio album, and all of the hype lives up to its expectations! With intricately cut up samples, funky percussion and original soul vocals, Krohn crafts an album full of tracks that have originally captured my attention back with […]

When Mark Pritchard first released EP1 (Warp, 2008) under his newly refreshed moniker, Harmonic 313, I got extremely excited about his comeback. After all, I’m a huge fan of his output under a number of aliases, the most favorite being Harmonic 33 and Global Communication. The EP stepped up in bass, and dropped down to […]

In the mood for some laid back beats and loungy vibes? Let 40 Winks groove you with their instrumental hip-hop rhythms mixed with blues, funk, and soul. The group (also spelled without a space as 40winks, and referring to English idiom for taking a nap for a short period of time) is comprised of two […]

Dark and brooding, Blackfilm envelopes you like a thick fog creeping off a cooling swampland. I recall a quote by Jim Morrison (which got embedded in my brain after Emmanuel Top’s 1994 single Turkish Bazaar) – “The music was new, black, polished chrome and came over the summer like liquid night“. Blackfilm is the anonymous […]


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