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It would be a major understatement to claim that Tomorrow’s Harvest was a highly anticipated release. It seems that ever since the group’s last record in 2005, The Campfire Headphase, the internet would light up with annual gossip of their return, the frenzy spreading fast and wide only to dead-end in another discredited rumor. So […]

If you have been following my musings throughout the years, you know that I have previously sang praises to the Australian Enig’matik Records run and operated by Jake Rose, aka Sun in Aquarius. Specializing in spectacular sound design, glitchy IDM, and emotional electronica, the label has been trudging along with a steady release schedule of digital EPs […]

Somewhere around the first ten minutes of the album I do a double take. Wait a second… This is not the Grischa Lichtenberger that I know. These are not the staple Raster-Noton technoid sounds, designed in a pristine German studio, free of organism and dust. This is so much more than I initially expected, and […]

So I’ve got this new game I play on my headphone commute these days. I put my iPod on shuffle and pretend that my entire music collection is a radio station. As the tracks come on, I must guess the artist and the album. Given that my library is always growing, and that I listen […]

Welcome to another chapter in Headphone Commute podcasts. It’s our 101st installment! I hope you’ve been enjoying this show. Today we welcome back one of my all-time favorite artists, Roel Funcken. Back in February, Funcken shared with us an exclusive mix of his favorite selections, in his Foel Runcken’s Waistbend Fall Mix. On this Rercury Metrograde mix, Funcken […]

Sendai Geotope Time To Express What happens when Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen collaborate on a project? You get a combination of De Mey’s skill in dynamic range and modular synthesis with Van Hoesen’s attention to composition and sound design. For their first full-length album, titled Geotope, the duo returns to the studio […]

Child Bad Timing Enig’matik I’m not sure if IDM is still a viable product for physical distribution, but I must say that netlabels are still kicking it… and kicking hard! This Bad Timing EP from Child is a great example of the evolving genre from high quality laptop production into your bedroom studio and ears. The […]

I’ve been meaning to tell you about Leah Kardos for a while now. Ever since I heard Feather Hammer for the first time, I knew that I’d fall in love with that album. And I wasn’t wrong. Before I go into details of this review, let me skip ahead and do some name dropping to set the […]

Geoff White comes from that group of early-Y2k musicians which explored the IDM genre on Force Inc, Merck, Neo Ouija and of course, Ghostly International. I’m talking, of course, about the era of clicky sounds from Metamatics, Deru, Proswell, Blamstrain, Lackluster, Geiom, Kettel, Dabrye, Tstewart and Lusine. Fans of this atmospheric experimental electronic music with glitchy percussion and nonconforming rhythms know exactly what I’m talking about. During 2002, […]

Placement Collected Locations The Lime Green Yellow Recording Company An English art-pop group Curtains has released music under a few names – the experimental and ambient-dub side of it records under the name Net, while the ‘locational ambient’ and ‘landscape music’ falls under the Placement moniker. Recorded during 2008-2010, the collection of “rarities, one offs […]

I’m very excited to share today’s podcast with you!!! OK, three more exclamation points!!! Today we’ve got an exclusive, dirty, raunchy, grimey mix from the one and only Roel Funcken, tricking it up with glitch, dark IDM, and saw-tooth dubstep, plus a few more surprises here and there… You’re going to want to turn up […]

Roel Funcken Fes Bace Eat Concrete In 2010, Funckarma‘s member Roel Funcken (the other half is his brother, Don), released his solo debut, Vade on Ad Noiseam. A year later, Funcken moved over to Eat Concrete, where the brothers have introduced their loyal fans to to the Dubstoned series, as well as Roel’s Daze Flextone EP and now the followup, Fes Bace. […]

Imagine yourself riding through the country in your brand new convertible on a summer day… Imagine drifting above the stretching fields following the sunset towards the horizon with warm wind in your hair… Imagine floating above the clouds, climbing to the heights where the air is thin, and then diving off the coast towards the salty ocean… […]

As another year begins, I race to catch up on missed albums from my favorite labels. Israeli Aleph Zero Records has consistently put out some of the most interesting psychedelic, downtempo and IDM albums to date. Previous releases have captured the [hopefully coveted] spot on our Best of the Year lists, with Eitan Reiter’s Places I Miss […]

With a mysterious and at-once bright beginning, Tone Sketch booms in its own comfortable extents, both experimental and purely different from the future pop, awakening and triggering novel inspiration. After successful releases on labels such as Cotton Goods, Dynamophone, The Land Of, and Symbolic Interaction, Hideki Umezawa, known solely as Pawn, ushers into his musical […]

Here’s one of my favorite quotes by Elvis Costello (courtesy of Tigon’s blog) – “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture – it’s really a stupid thing to want to do.” This concept becomes even more pronounced once one spends many years engaged in this [absurd] activity. Myself included. Verbs, nouns, and especially adjectives, repeated […]

Mark Pritchard rarely disappoints. Whether it’s through his now classic Global Communication collaboration with Tom Middleton (which, by the way, has recently re-united, with scheduled upcoming releases, DJ sets, and tour dates), or his work with Dave Brinkworth on cinematic, spacey, trip-hoppy Harmonic 33, Pritchard never ceases to re-invent himself and his sound through the […]

Albums, that at first seem to be just a random collection of latest releases, suddenly seamlessly fit together into another entry of Sound Bytes. Collecting the latest in experimental, abstract, and melodic electronica, here are some of the gems we’ve uncovered from Gagarin, Aria Rostami and The Ebertbrothers. Above image is taken from The Ebertbrothers’ […]

Listening to Amon Tobin’s latest album requires preparation. You can’t just throw on the record in the background and expect it to woo you. It requires a certain setting, a certain mood, a focused attention and an acute sense of perception. ISAM is a new full length release from Tobin since his 2007 Foley Room. And since it took him […]

I stopped apologizing for my delayed reviews a long time ago. I just can’t keep up. But I swear, one day I’ll get through all of it, and get the word out about the music that affects me deeply. The music that stays with me after it’s gone, the sounds that excite my neurons, and […]


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