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Somewhere around the first ten minutes of the album I do a double take. Wait a second… This is not the Grischa Lichtenberger that I know. These are not the staple Raster-Noton technoid sounds, designed in a pristine German studio, free of organism and dust. This is so much more than I initially expected, and […]

Welcome to another chapter in Headphone Commute podcasts. It’s our 101st installment! I hope you’ve been enjoying this show. Today we welcome back one of my all-time favorite artists, Roel Funcken. Back in February, Funcken shared with us an exclusive mix of his favorite selections, in his Foel Runcken’s Waistbend Fall Mix. On this Rercury Metrograde mix, Funcken […]

Byetone Symeta Raster-Noton Yes, I know that it’s already May, and I’m still reviewing albums from past October, but I just got a brand new pair of headphones, so I must spin them around the block – can you blame me? And what better way to experience the range of frequencies then with a handful […]

Sendai Geotope Time To Express What happens when Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen collaborate on a project? You get a combination of De Mey’s skill in dynamic range and modular synthesis with Van Hoesen’s attention to composition and sound design. For their first full-length album, titled Geotope, the duo returns to the studio […]

Child Bad Timing Enig’matik I’m not sure if IDM is still a viable product for physical distribution, but I must say that netlabels are still kicking it… and kicking hard! This Bad Timing EP from Child is a great example of the evolving genre from high quality laptop production into your bedroom studio and ears. The […]

Geoff White comes from that group of early-Y2k musicians which explored the IDM genre on Force Inc, Merck, Neo Ouija and of course, Ghostly International. I’m talking, of course, about the era of clicky sounds from Metamatics, Deru, Proswell, Blamstrain, Lackluster, Geiom, Kettel, Dabrye, Tstewart and Lusine. Fans of this atmospheric experimental electronic music with glitchy percussion and nonconforming rhythms know exactly what I’m talking about. During 2002, […]

I’m very excited to share today’s podcast with you!!! OK, three more exclamation points!!! Today we’ve got an exclusive, dirty, raunchy, grimey mix from the one and only Roel Funcken, tricking it up with glitch, dark IDM, and saw-tooth dubstep, plus a few more surprises here and there… You’re going to want to turn up […]

Roel Funcken Fes Bace Eat Concrete In 2010, Funckarma‘s member Roel Funcken (the other half is his brother, Don), released his solo debut, Vade on Ad Noiseam. A year later, Funcken moved over to Eat Concrete, where the brothers have introduced their loyal fans to to the Dubstoned series, as well as Roel’s Daze Flextone EP and now the followup, Fes Bace. […]

It seems like an awful long time since Rustie’s Jagz The Smack EP came out on Stuffrecords. Well, 4 years to be precise. Remembering to back then, his bass-heavy “aqua krunk” style of instrumental hip hop left chinstrokers unsure if this was dubstep or something similar. In 2008, I had the pleasure of seeing him […]

With a mysterious and at-once bright beginning, Tone Sketch booms in its own comfortable extents, both experimental and purely different from the future pop, awakening and triggering novel inspiration. After successful releases on labels such as Cotton Goods, Dynamophone, The Land Of, and Symbolic Interaction, Hideki Umezawa, known solely as Pawn, ushers into his musical […]

Here’s one of my favorite quotes by Elvis Costello (courtesy of Tigon’s blog) – “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture – it’s really a stupid thing to want to do.” This concept becomes even more pronounced once one spends many years engaged in this [absurd] activity. Myself included. Verbs, nouns, and especially adjectives, repeated […]

What Opiuo‘s music does first and foremost is entertain me. And sometimes that’s what great music is supposed to be – fun, quirky, and [most importantly] intelligent! In all its playful rhythms and funky beats its Opiuo’s confidence that shines through the grimey bass wobble and synth stabs. For his debut full length release, Slurp […]

Fans of clicks and glitch rejoice! Raster-Noton is in the house! Matt Storey, aka Vinyl Matt selects his favorite Raster-Noton cuts to create one of the most eclectic and challenging mixes on Headphone Commute, showcasing the label’s finest artists, such as Kangding Ray, SND, COH, Mika Vainio, Grischa Lichtenberger and of course, Alva Noto himself. […]

Goce Gligurovski’s Spring Rain mix appeared on Headphone Commute back in May of 2010. A year later, Mnemonic45 returns to our podcast with a dedication to International Workers’ Day, commonly celebrated across Eastern Europe and the rest of the world in more than 80 countries. For this mix, Mnemonic45 takes us across his favorite jazzy electronica, […]

On my true Headphone Commute between New York and Philadelphia, Spring rushes past the windows of a high-speed tilting train. With two hours of music, a laptop, and spotty Wi-Fi service, I can catch up to the latest compilations that have truly excited me about the latest evolution of sound. Here are three of my […]

Load up that rubber band gun with a stretched-out bass and snap the trigger on the dropping rhythm – the wobble bubble hip-bop is in the house! The 10th studio album from Dave Tipper, Broken Soul Jamboree, is about to slap you across the face, with its top notch production, acoustically rich other world themes, […]

Dedicated to all the people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, Warsaw (Poland) based electronic music producer, Bartosz Dziadosz, releases his new album, My Life Begins Today as Pleq. The album hits my rotations out of nowhere, as it slowly lands on my desk, gracefully falling like the last leaf from the music tree of […]

Chemnitz (Germany) based artist Olaf Bender has musically been in the shadow, as one of the co-founders of the Raster-Noton label, together with Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Frank Bretschneider (Komet). Mostly focusing on the visual presentation of the label’s catalogue, he had only produced two solo outings before offering to the world Death of […]

What’s great about this album, is that there was more than a few times when I had that “aaaah…” moment. Perhaps what drove me to write this raving review about 7fingers is that there were those moments one too many. On every single track. I first found out about this album when the new release […]

It’s been a while since we covered one of our all time favorite labels, n5MD. The last time we praised Mike Cadoo‘s label was in Headphone Commute’s Best of 2009 lists, where Plastik Joy, Port-Royal and Last Days grabbed the slots among our selections of the year. In 2010, Cadoo has been busy, releasing a […]


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