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It should be no secret to the readers of Headphone Commute that I’ve been listening to The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation since the inception of their live improv alter ego, and its very first release, Doomjazz Future Corpses! (Ad Noiseam, 2007). The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble‘s, side project got finally signed by Denovali with their 2011 […]

Denovali continues to impress. Many of the releases seem to simply tell the label’s story through the roster of artists – from melancholy Birds Of Passage and Brother Sun, Sister Moon; to ambient electronica of Hidden Orchestra, Field Rotation and Bersarin Quartett; to post-rock shoegaze of Thisquietarmy, Blueneck, and The Pirate Ship Quintet; and of […]

It’s been over six years since Oliver Doerell and Roger Döring released their 2006  album, Vertigo II as Dictaphone. And to tell you the truth, I’m still playing their 2002 debut, m.=addiction. Both of these, along with the 2004 Nacht EP are part of my dearly treasured catalog collection from City Centre Offices. In fact, […]

Thanks to Dynamophone Records, back in 2008, I discovered Shunichiro Fujimoto and his lovely, glitchy, organic electronica as Fjordne – see Headphone Commute’s review of The Last 3 Days Of Time.  In 2009 I closely followed Fujimoto’s move to Singapore based Kitchen label, and truly enjoyed The Setting Sun. Both of the above albums have made it on Headphone Commute’s Best […]

For the first entry in the label’s Seasons 2011 series, Huw Roberts of Serein invites a Chicago based crossover jazz duo, Charles Rumback and Charles Gorczynski, to contribute a four-track EP as Colorlist. Recorded by John Hughes (aka Slicker and owner of Hefty Records) and Joshua Eustis (one half of Telefon Tel Aviv), the duo […]

Coming in with slow jazzy percussion, deep rumbling bass, and all acoustic instrumentation, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble enters from the shadows of ghostly vocals and crackling dust. Violins, trombones, and jazz trumpets howl and growl, along digitally effected beats and bit-crushed atmospheres of decay. Darker than future jazz, yet lighter than doom jazz, the purveyors […]

On some level, I’m a little surprised that no one is talking about Ametsub as much as I am. And I’m not just hyping up this Tokyo-based Japanese artist. Even Ryuchi Sakamoto has allegedly proclaimed, “I love this album. I have become a fan”. Meanwhile, I’ve been listening to Ametsub’s music since his debut release […]

With its fifth limited release, Somnia is introducing Juxta Phona & Offthesky to the rest of the world. Starting off with some ambient and modern classical sounds, Somnia delivered a little surprise with their last release by Evan Marc and Steve Hillage. In Dreamtime Submersible the duo has married dub techno and hypnotic ambient sound […]

Silences Sumire sounds as if Arovane remixed the live improvisation of Miles Davis, laying on his glitchy swishing drum patterns over electro-acoustic treatments of jazzy instrumentation. Hailing from Chicago, the group consisting of Thomas Faulds (Mercury Effect) and Charles Gorczynski (Colorlist, Leaves) compose a blend of light, electronic, and digitally crunchy percussion over woodwinds (alto […]


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