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Peter Broderick surfaced on the scene of modern classical music back in 2007, with his debut release on Kning Disk, titled Docile. He was immediately picked up and introduced to a larger audience by Type with a pair of his critically acclaimed contemporary ambient and neofolk albums, Home (2008) and Float (2008). Since then, all eyes and ears […]

Starting off from the very first track – the album name, the cover art, and Lisa Isaksson‘s lovely voice – everything suggests that I’m about to enter an epic story, a little medieval, a bit contemporary, and always unique. Defying all categorization, the eight tracks on Meadow Rituals, remind me of old-fashioned stories, lost antique […]

On this beautiful Sunday morning we are mesmerized by the storytelling qualities of Cole Pierce‘s latest mix. This is his third installment for Headphone Commute’s podcast, and we are definitely happy to host his selection of incredible tunes that otherwise would have never grazed these speakers. Here’s more from Cole: This mix was named Lazy […]

In 2007, I had the luxury of traveling to Cuba for a vacation. I arrived with no real plan other than to try and fit in as much as possible and in order to do that I needed a car. Fully expecting to ride the 1950s Chevy that is synonymous with Cuba, I of course […]

I’ve been a regular contributor to The Music Lobby since the site’s inception back in 2007. I first met Casey Winters on and was captivated and inspired by his taste in music. And you know that feeling. Instantly you want to pick up and listen to every recommendation, and when each keeps on being […]

At times mysterious, at times complex, but always relaxing, even during its climaxing moments, Silent Land Time Machine is an instrumental rock project that reminds me a lot of A Silver Mt Zion. Except that… Jon is just one man… But upon your first listen you wouldn’t know it… Hailing out of Austin, Texas, Jon […]


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