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I believe that Anthony Child requires no introduction. If you were listening to techno in the mid 90s you are familiar with his numerous releases as Surgeon on Tresor, Soma, Harthouse, and of course his very own labels, Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension. Those only waking up to his ground breaking sound must travel back in […]

Sendai Geotope Time To Express What happens when Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen collaborate on a project? You get a combination of De Mey’s skill in dynamic range and modular synthesis with Van Hoesen’s attention to composition and sound design. For their first full-length album, titled Geotope, the duo returns to the studio […]

It seems like an awful long time since Rustie’s Jagz The Smack EP came out on Stuffrecords. Well, 4 years to be precise. Remembering to back then, his bass-heavy “aqua krunk” style of instrumental hip hop left chinstrokers unsure if this was dubstep or something similar. In 2008, I had the pleasure of seeing him […]

Mark Pritchard rarely disappoints. Whether it’s through his now classic Global Communication collaboration with Tom Middleton (which, by the way, has recently re-united, with scheduled upcoming releases, DJ sets, and tour dates), or his work with Dave Brinkworth on cinematic, spacey, trip-hoppy Harmonic 33, Pritchard never ceases to re-invent himself and his sound through the […]

You know DJ Walkman, don’t you? He is one half of the Lithuanian netlabel team, Sutemos, that brought us some of our favorite artists through the critically acclaimed Intelligent Toys series! Today, DJ Walkman takes off his managing hat, and puts on a pair of DJ headphones to bring you one of the finest mixes […]

While other Architect albums have been somewhat minimalist affairs, Consume Adapt Create is crammed full of sounds… individual and myriad in number, placement and aesthetic. You might have wondered what happens when Daniel Myer is placed in a creative vacuum and allowed free reign to run as far as his imagination will take him. This […]

Mr. Projectile… He’s back! After a five year silence, Matthew Arnold returns with his fourth full length album, To The West, and thrusts it right back up in our $%@#ing faces. The last time I marveled at Arnold’s intricate IDM production skills was back in 2004, on the beloved Merck label with his release, Sinking. […]

What follows below is a review for an album whose title has been rendered regretfully apt. The sudden passing of Telefon Tel Aviv’s Charlie Cooper only two days after the group released their long-awaited third full-length studio record is a coincidence suggestive of a sacrifice: an untimely departure at the arrival of something so great, […]

Here’s a brief history of Planet Mu, which is very much relevant to Jega. Planet Mu was born in 1995, and was originally setup as a sublabel of Virgin Records, on which it initially planned on releasing music by µ-Ziq (Mike Paradinas), and similar artists. The experimental electronic genre that initially was vultured upon by […]

The FabricLive series has celebrated some really amazing output since its launch seven years ago. The monthly (!) compilation releases started in November 2001, by the London based nightclub Fabric. Alternating monthly between Fabric and FabricLive series, the club’s offshoot label has covered a diversity of genres, from tech house to drum’n’bass, from dubstep to […]

Mixing up everything from IDM to dub, electro and hip-hop, Modeselektor puts out a truly fun album that keeps me bopping up and down. There is evident humor in some of the tracks and that’s exactly that attitude that forces me to spin Happy Birthday! on for a fun ride. Not to mention an excellent […]


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