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I’m very excited to share today’s podcast with you!!! OK, three more exclamation points!!! Today we’ve got an exclusive, dirty, raunchy, grimey mix from the one and only Roel Funcken, tricking it up with glitch, dark IDM, and saw-tooth dubstep, plus a few more surprises here and there… You’re going to want to turn up […]

Jamie Teasdale, formerly one half of dubstep duo Vex’d, is now working solo as Kuedo. Fittingly released on Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu record label, it harkens back to the mid-1990′s Artificial Intelligence series of albums on Warp that led to the somewhat unfortunate genre name of “IDM.” There are certain keywords that appear to be obligatory […]

It’s getting chilly out there… Here’s something to drop into your coffee as you wake up all hot-headed and ready to take on the world.  Whether you want to chill out with these beats, or (as in my case) just waking up and need something to give you that tiny boost, I promise you will […]

I’ve been following Machinedrum since his debut on the now defunct influential IDM label, Merck. From 2001 to 2006, Travis Stewart released five full length albums on Merck: Now You Know (2001), Urban Biology (2002), Half The Battle (2002), Bidnezz (2004) and Mergerz & Acquisitionz (2006). When Merck closed its doors in January of 2007, […]

Welcome to the world of Debian Blak, where beats and bass copulate in a blissful marriage. Profiled in Headphone Commute’s Sound Bytes column on post-dubstep, Leeds-based Rowan Perkins has been turning heads in the community dominated by loyal followers of Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Flying Lotus, and friends. For this exclusive and very special mix, […]

Mark Pritchard rarely disappoints. Whether it’s through his now classic Global Communication collaboration with Tom Middleton (which, by the way, has recently re-united, with scheduled upcoming releases, DJ sets, and tour dates), or his work with Dave Brinkworth on cinematic, spacey, trip-hoppy Harmonic 33, Pritchard never ceases to re-invent himself and his sound through the […]

In this installment of Sound Bytes, I am covering three releases which all bend the genres just a tiny bit, but enough to invent some of their own. Submotion Orchestra cleverly mixes jazz and dubstep to create some of the most amazing bass rumbling electronica, with melodies that get stuck in my head for days! […]

The intarwebs are full of wonders. Thanks to the interlinked musical genius of Soundcloud, I can browse the latest unknown releases, and bathe in the sound of the underground. Here’s a deep rolling bass release from Savory Audio a digital dubstep label out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, running a few local events and steadily releasing some […]

I’m not even going to hide the fact that I’m a huge fan of Ben Lukas Boysen, aka Hecq. In the past years, Ben has contributed a Mix to Headphone Commute, and we’ve seen multiple interviews on these pages. Hecq has recently released an EP on Ad Noiseam titled Sura, as a preview for his […]

After sharing with the commuters his previous mix, Ethereal Cinematicism, Shukry Adams returns with an edgier side of his likings. Listeners should expect to get enveloped in drone, noise, and even “douchestep”, in this slowly evolving, hour long journey. Here’s Adams, shining a little light on this darker corner of his psyche: i wanted to […]

I guess that with the review of Roel Funcken’s – Vade, Interview with Roel Funcken, and now this EP from Funckarma, it’s officially the Funcken Week here, on Headphone Commute!!! The selection this week, is another mini-snippet-mix from the upcoming Funckarma release on SHIPWREC, titled Reascg EP. This is a 6 minute mashup of all […]

Here’s my remedy for a sleepy brain. A shot of caffeine with a touch of Funcken in my headphones. First the mixture goes down easy, drifting in and out of my peripheral hearing – then the beat latches into the neuron receptor, and unlocks its secrets with a click. Roel Funcken is one of the […]

I’m pretty psyched up to get this mix out into your ears! This one has been in the making for quiet some time, and it is finally here! Get ready for some massive dark IDM, grinding dubstep and raging drum’n’bass, perfectly mixed up by Arkady! If you haven’t heard this type of music before, then […]

It begins with Descent. A slow, quiet, and eerie slide of minor chords into a track that kicks off the album, followed by Latch, a light syncopated beat with rolling bass, organic strings, and ghostly vocals. Scuba’s latest release, Triangulation, is more than a collection of tracks – a few have previously appeared as 12″ […]

Our selection of the week is actually an entire 12″ from a bass heavy Wuppertal (Germany) based label, Police In Helicopter, featuring three tracks from Ekelon (Planet Mu), RSD (Tectonic), and Phokus (Scrub a Dub). We can’t possible share all three tracks with you, but we can give you a taste of the release with […]

I really enjoyed covering Hyperdub in my last special edition of Sound Bytes, so this time I’m turning my ears towards Planet Mu. I’d rather not spend the time on words praising this amazing label, run by none other than Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq). What’s interesting to note though, is that in the last few […]

A lot of great music in this one! In this installment of Sound Bytes, I want to cover a few compilations across a spectrum of genres. Not only do these showcase the latest in dubstep, drum’n’bass and techno, but I promise you that this sound is unlike anything else you’ve heard before. In all cases, the compilations […]

This special installment of Sound Bytes features not just three, but five quick entries covering the very latest releases from one of the ground breaking, boundary pushing, genre bending labels, Hyperdub. This UK label is run and operated by Steve Goodman, aka Kode9. It is Hyperdub that introduced us to William Bevan – aka Burial […]

This installment of Sound Bytes features some of my latest picks among the net-label community. Distributing music digitally, and mostly for FREE, net labels are a collection of artists sprinkled across the domain of intarwebs with one goal in mind: make great music and spread it far and wide! Back in the early 90s even […]

I sat down to cover the latest release from Planet Mu by Kuedo, and my mind migrated over to the bass sounds from Eskmo which then reminded me of an album by VibeSquaD. This is a perfect example of why Sound Bytes makes sense in that nonsensical kind of way. Three releases tied together by […]


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