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Sometime around 2010, Scott Morgan dove even deeper into a territory of his minimal ambient sound. Morgan has been releasing on Chicago based Kranky since 2001, when he published his debut, Triple Point, as loscil. A year later he followed up with Submers, then First Narrows in 2004, and Plume in 2006. But it is the […]

Monolithium has appeared out of nowhere. He’s shot from non-existence to performances at Mutek and Decibel, not to mention a vinyl pressing (with Error Broadcast), in under year. But much like the purple space rock of his EP’s cover art, just because something is new to your galaxy doesn’t mean it hasn’t spent eons forming […]

It begins and ends with rain. But when the waterfalls subside, a picturesque landscape reveals itself through haze and fog. Vast fields of textural sound unfold beneath the soaring heights, with a slight pulse of bass vibrations, originating from the unexplored depths, and an echoing muffled synth line, dying in the cavernous emptiness of this […]

When I posted the Headphone Commute’s Best of 2008 list, I received a lot of emails that amounted to “You forgot Lulu Rouge!” What? Lulu who? Yes, I’m sure there was an album that I missed in 2008 (I missed hundreds of them). But with enough pokes in the same direction I was tempted to […]

Twenty-five sixty-two is not just a postcode in The Netherlands’ Den Hague – it is also an alias of its resident who is a prolific producer of dubstep, techno, and broken beat atmospherics. Dave Huismans‘s first full length release on Tectonic under 2562 moniker is titled Aerial. Tectonic is the same label that previously brought […]

The latest release from Kaya Project titled, …And So It Goes, is full of spiritual and ethnic elements, multi-lingual vocals, and world infused beats. This is a third full length album from a collaborative duo of Sebastian James Taylor and Natasha Chamberlain. Incorporating digital production design with organic instruments, Taylor and Chamberlain create a beautiful […]


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