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On today’s Headphone Commute podcast, I’d like to showcase a live set by Portland based Tim Westcott, recording under the alias wndfrm (and also known as cloudburst). Westcott produces beautiful atmospheric ambiance layered with driving rhythms, soaring dynamics and hypnotic charm. I’ll let Tim explain more about this particular recording: “this is my live set […]

I initially intended to drop a few words in regards to Raime‘s latest Hennail 12″, but as I began listening to the two tracks for my sixth time I realized that a tour of all three singles is in order, starting with the very first catalog release on the label, the self titled Raime EP. Coming out of nowhere in […]

I initially intended to review this compilation by Demdike Stare along instrumental hip-hip and West Coast Brainfeeder style producers. Ranging from hypnotic beats, to dubbed out rhythms, to eclectic ethnic sounds, the duo of Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker have been turning heads since their release on Modern Love, titled Symbiosis (2009). But it is their take […]

You don’t have to descend into a deep cavernous space inhabited by the hollow reverberations of the Overcast Sound – you’re already there. You don’t have to close your eyes to embrace the darkness and inhale the dampness – the candles are already gone. You don’t have to travel back in time to enjoy the […]

Matt van Ax is a good ol’ friend of mine. In the late 90s Matt spent countless hours perfecting his DJing skills, creating seamless transitions of perfectly beat matched tracks across the kick-drum pounding genres. And even after numerous gigs in the clubs and underground parties across the globe, he still spins till this day… […]

Thomas Fehlmann has long been a towering figure in electronic music. He was producer on The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld and executive producer for Sun Electric. He and Palais Schaumburg bandmate Moritz von Oswald (of Basic Channel fame) famously collaborated with Juan Atkins in the early nineties as 3MB. More recently he’s been producing […]

I am always hungry for new music. I think I continue to consume the sounds, so that I can recreate that moment. That moment of when one hears that sound, and is taken away out of this world into another. That moment, reminiscent of your childhood memories, when you would put on your headphones and […]

On his first full-length album, White Clouds Drift On And On, Brock Van Wey (better known as Bvdub) abandons dub techno conventions and returns to his West Coast chill-out room roots. It’s a step in the right direction, making for some of his most emotional music to date. To set the stage for the music […]

The dub sound of Intrusion is like an early stroll along the empty beach. Waves of white noise and minor chords splash and bounce against the glistening, polished, and rolling bass. The rhythm is measured, natural and hypnotic. The background four-four beat creates a trance-like experience. And the overall emotion is indeed seductive. Although the […]

When I posted the Headphone Commute’s Best of 2008 list, I received a lot of emails that amounted to “You forgot Lulu Rouge!” What? Lulu who? Yes, I’m sure there was an album that I missed in 2008 (I missed hundreds of them). But with enough pokes in the same direction I was tempted to […]

Neo Ouija is BACK! That’s right kiddies. After closing its doors in 2005, the Devon (England) based label originally started by Lee Norris (Metamatics), has re-opened its doors, and is now managed by Martin Hirsch (aka Deer and Random Noise Productions). Propelling many electronic musicians to fame, Neo Ouija is responsible for much output from […]


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