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In this installment of Sound Bytes, I am covering three releases which all bend the genres just a tiny bit, but enough to invent some of their own. Submotion Orchestra cleverly mixes jazz and dubstep to create some of the most amazing bass rumbling electronica, with melodies that get stuck in my head for days! […]

On my true Headphone Commute between New York and Philadelphia, Spring rushes past the windows of a high-speed tilting train. With two hours of music, a laptop, and spotty Wi-Fi service, I can catch up to the latest compilations that have truly excited me about the latest evolution of sound. Here are three of my […]

I’m pretty psyched up to get this mix out into your ears! This one has been in the making for quiet some time, and it is finally here! Get ready for some massive dark IDM, grinding dubstep and raging drum’n’bass, perfectly mixed up by Arkady! If you haven’t heard this type of music before, then […]

A lot of great music in this one! In this installment of Sound Bytes, I want to cover a few compilations across a spectrum of genres. Not only do these showcase the latest in dubstep, drum’n’bass and techno, but I promise you that this sound is unlike anything else you’ve heard before. In all cases, the compilations […]

For those of us who have been forced to stem our vinyl intake, it’s nice when a label like Ad Noiseam swoops in and neatly collects a slew of great dubstep 12″s from multiple sources. Terminal Static, featuring tracks released on Ruff, Damage as well as Ad Noiseam, is such a collection — a near-comprehensive […]

Noël Wessels wants you to think everything’s going to be okay — that the storm has passed, the survivors are carefree and strong, and that, should trouble rear its ugly head again, there’s a good chance of escape. Turns out, the kind locals are killers. And, surprise surprise, the lovable protagonist is secretly mad, and […]

Queuing up the self released (Untitled) LP by IJO on my iPod, I find that my collection is already sprinkled with tracks from this Lithuanian artist [currently residing in London]. A few of Audrius Vaitiekunas‘ tracks appear under my favorite Sutemos compilations: Draumar Um Kalt Sumar (Sutemos, 2006) and Intelligent Toys 4 (Sutemos, 2007). And […]

I just love dark and dirty drum’n’bass. But… I also love its jazzy, organic, and carefree flip-side. That is the sound of Syncopix. You walk out the door, on a crisp summer morning; the sun casts off the sharp shadows of the trees; and with the headphones on you trot to the beat. The light […]


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