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Welcome to another chapter in Headphone Commute podcasts. It’s our 101st installment! I hope you’ve been enjoying this show. Today we welcome back one of my all-time favorite artists, Roel Funcken. Back in February, Funcken shared with us an exclusive mix of his favorite selections, in his Foel Runcken’s Waistbend Fall Mix. On this Rercury Metrograde mix, Funcken […]

I suppose it’s that time of the day when it’s appropriate to think about Dead Unicorns, My Sugar Ape, Tears And Fruit Cocktail. Just from the track names, let alone the title of the album, Trainwreck Magnetism, Mike Hayward, aka The Teknoist, sets up the stage for the dark trip into his twisted mind. If […]

Roel Funcken Fes Bace Eat Concrete In 2010, Funckarma‘s member Roel Funcken (the other half is his brother, Don), released his solo debut, Vade on Ad Noiseam. A year later, Funcken moved over to Eat Concrete, where the brothers have introduced their loyal fans to to the Dubstoned series, as well as Roel’s Daze Flextone EP and now the followup, Fes Bace. […]

Here’s another great album that I’ve been meaning to tell you about for awhile. I suppose it’s been a whole year since I originally heard Along The Corridors, and then, the release made it to Headphone Commute’s Best of 2010 : Music For Synergizing The Synapse Of Ideas, so it’s only appropriate that appears on these […]

Here’s a set of great mini-albums and EPs that should get any IDM-head twitching… What’s more exciting is that two of these releases are available 100% for FREE for your listening pleasure! And you know you can’t go wrong with that! So grab your restraining jacket, 12-pack of Red Bull, and a vial of smelling […]

Welcome to another exclusive mix from Headphone Commute… On this first day of November we bring you a gorgeous journey into the subconscious mind of Subheim. Both, uplifting and dark, this musical exploration, will take you into other worlds, real and imagined. It’s always nearly impossible to describe the music featured by our podcast contributors […]

We’re back with [part two] of our n5MD Label Special coverage of Sound Bytes. Be sure to check out [part one] where we covered the latest from Bitcrush, Lights Out Asia, Dalot and more! In this installment, we explore the darker side of n5MD, in all its digital, raw, and crunchy glory! A lot of […]

Thomas Pijols, aka Nebulo, is back with a brand new album on the beloved Hymen out on September 10th! And you get to hear the album teaser here, on Headphone Commute! Fifteen dark and glitchy tracks, a staple sound for this German label, will excite your neurons and awake the spirit of archaic subconscious. Here’s […]

Here’s my remedy for a sleepy brain. A shot of caffeine with a touch of Funcken in my headphones. First the mixture goes down easy, drifting in and out of my peripheral hearing – then the beat latches into the neuron receptor, and unlocks its secrets with a click. Roel Funcken is one of the […]

I’m pretty psyched up to get this mix out into your ears! This one has been in the making for quiet some time, and it is finally here! Get ready for some massive dark IDM, grinding dubstep and raging drum’n’bass, perfectly mixed up by Arkady! If you haven’t heard this type of music before, then […]

Once introduced to that delicious, sweet nectar, the addict constantly searches for more. Just another hit, another bump, another tweak to get one smiling. In my case, the choice of drug is music. Whether it be a melodic harmony within the player’s piano keys, or nasty glitch within his framework – I … WANT … MORE! […]

This installment of Sound Bytes features some of my latest picks among the net-label community. Distributing music digitally, and mostly for FREE, net labels are a collection of artists sprinkled across the domain of intarwebs with one goal in mind: make great music and spread it far and wide! Back in the early 90s even […]

It took almost nine years for Dylan Nathan to return to the scene with his intelligent breaks and glitchy melodies, slapping it across the entire IDM spectrum under his Jega moniker. There were some hiccups in this release – the album leaked back in 2003, and Nathan chose to pull back the tracks, refile the […]

Coming in with slow jazzy percussion, deep rumbling bass, and all acoustic instrumentation, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble enters from the shadows of ghostly vocals and crackling dust. Violins, trombones, and jazz trumpets howl and growl, along digitally effected beats and bit-crushed atmospheres of decay. Darker than future jazz, yet lighter than doom jazz, the purveyors […]

This mix has been in the making for quiet some time. Maybe not in its actuality, but at least in my head. It all started when I was compiling Headphone Commute’s Best of 2008 list at the end of December last year. I wanted to select some of my favorite tracks and create hour-long sessions. […]

This morning I’m a little bit on edge. In part because of continuous wet and cold weather that makes my bones and muscles ache. In part because of Robert Logan and his new release on Slowfoot titled Inscape. As I commute to music on my way to work, disturbing images flicker behind my eyelids: abandoned […]

It seems that bigger labels started to steer away from straight up IDM in the recent years. Perhaps the passing away of Merck, and the resurrection of Neo Ouija may be a testament to that. Even n5MD chilled out and turned towards emotional electronica. In my opinion it has to do with evolution of sound, […]

Another excellent surprise coming out of Tympanik. And that’s twice in one year. First I was completely blown away by Subheim‘s Approach. And now another brand new group, Integral, hitting me hard out of nowhere with their debut, Rise. The duo behind Integral are Germany based David Rotter and Rafael Milatz. Their sound is dark, […]

With a title over ten words, you’d think that Benjamin Page composed a post-rock or perhaps an ambient album, where track and album naming is something of an art form. Nothing could be further from the truth. Page’s solo release under Elite Barbarian moniker, titled It’s only when you get to the end that it […]

It’s not enough for Bryan Konietzko to be large. To be enormous. Ginormous suits him better. Extremely digital and artificial in all its glory, the sound of sharp saw waves and crisp percussion cuts right through the trippy hip-hop beats. Listening to At Night, Under Artificial Light, I feel like I am crawling through a […]


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