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In 2009 Ian Hawgood released an album titled Wolfskin on Jonathan Lees‘ beautiful hibernate label. The album contained “a series of sketches inspired by childhood dreams and nightmares.” The inaugural label release billed the work as “a cathartic and cleansing collection of soundscapes, created by guitar and piano…” And it seems that Hawgood wasn’t finished with […]

Graham Reynolds Before Midnight OST Milan It is through labels, which dedicate their time and resources into a particular project, that I continue to discover new and noteworthy artists. One of such labels is Milan Records, which specializes in soundtracks and film scores. This is the same label that brought us music by Clint Mansell […]

Somewhere on the edge of our drawn maps lies our planet’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. This is a place where temperatures drop to -90°C, with almost all of its territory covered by ice. On the opposite pole of our planet lies the Arctic, a region consisting of a vast, ice-covered ocean, surrounded by treeless permafrost. These […]

Marcus Fjellström Epilogue -M- Aagoo / Rev Lab Every time I play Epilogue -M-, I can’t help but flashback to that Sunday night in Berlin, when in a warm and cozy space that is occupied by Erik K. Skodvin and Monique Recknagel (aka Miasmah/Sonic Pieces headquarters), I first witnessed a live audio/visual performance by Marcus Fjellström himself. During the night, Fjellström manipulated […]

On a cold and windy February morning, we are traveling into the world of Bartosz Dziadosz, a Warsaw based composer recording under the name Pleq. I’ve watched Dziadosz evolve over the last few years and slowly settle down into sublime and blissful ambiance showcased completely on this mix. Just skimming through the tracklist your eyes should land […]

Peter van Cooten has been a long time friend and a co-conspirator in our quest to turn more ears towards ambient and cinematic music. It is a great honor to have Peter put together a mix showcasing his favorite selections from ‘… and darkness came‘ compilation which has been released exactly two months ago today! I […]

I’m hoping that by now you have already learned about my benefit compilation, … and darkness came. If not, consider this your official invite. Kreng, by the way, is also on the list of confirmed artists, contributing an original track, The Midnight Hour. Of course, I can keep talking about that for hours! Meanwhile, I am honored […]

Hauntology… what is it? Is it another clever name slapped by a writer on a puzzling style? Perhaps a less apt journalist would label these sounds with a “post-” prefix, attaching it to a previously known genre, already stagnated and overused.  Or is it just a vapor, left by a spectre of sound, hanging in […]

Well now… It feels like I’m back… For the last week I was “displaced” from my home, due to hurricane Sandy (read up on my status update) and it feels like I’m back… Not really 100% in the routine, which explains why this Headphone Commute mix gets published on a Tuesday, but it’s the mix […]

I hope you’re ready for this… I hope your friends are ready too, because this is something you must share! Halloween is approaching, and I wanted to publish some dark and eerie sounds. I couldn’t think of anyone better to create this atmosphere than Black Swan. I have been personally fascinated with this mysterious artist’s […]

It should be no secret to the readers of Headphone Commute that I’ve been listening to The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation since the inception of their live improv alter ego, and its very first release, Doomjazz Future Corpses! (Ad Noiseam, 2007). The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble‘s, side project got finally signed by Denovali with their 2011 […]

Denovali continues to impress. Many of the releases seem to simply tell the label’s story through the roster of artists – from melancholy Birds Of Passage and Brother Sun, Sister Moon; to ambient electronica of Hidden Orchestra, Field Rotation and Bersarin Quartett; to post-rock shoegaze of Thisquietarmy, Blueneck, and The Pirate Ship Quintet; and of […]

As the darkness settled comfortably for its turn to rule, the Creature With 6 Billion Faces And 1 Heart took over the music. First appearing on HC’s Mixcloud pages beneath the cloak of a troll, this personality pushed the buttons of unsuspecting visitors, urging them to open their ears to music, which was beyond the […]

Blurring the lines between dark ambient electronica and grim pounding techno, Luca Mortellaro drops a stunning debut, kicking off the very first CD release on his very own label, Stroboscopic Artefacts. This may be Mortellaro’s first full-length album, but it is by no means his initial offering to the scene. Lucy has been steadily releasing 12″ […]

I believe that Anthony Child requires no introduction. If you were listening to techno in the mid 90s you are familiar with his numerous releases as Surgeon on Tresor, Soma, Harthouse, and of course his very own labels, Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension. Those only waking up to his ground breaking sound must travel back in […]

It’s been quite some time since I published my own mix. I actually compiled this selection of favorite tracks back in January, and let it marinate while other selectors stepped up to the plate. For this 90th mix on Headphone Commute, I’ll let it slowly ooze out of your speakers and drape your ears with […]

Since its demise in 2005 and the subsequent return three years later (under a different management), Neo Ouija strived to secure the talent of its past roster and maintain its original mission. Unfortunately, the good old IDM masters of early 2000s, such as Deru, Kettel, Xela, and Apparat have all found a new home; the […]

I initially intended to drop a few words in regards to Raime‘s latest Hennail 12″, but as I began listening to the two tracks for my sixth time I realized that a tour of all three singles is in order, starting with the very first catalog release on the label, the self titled Raime EP. Coming out of nowhere in […]

By now Demdike Stare is more than just an occult new project from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. In the last couple of years, since the initial release of Symbiosis (2009) followed by Voices Of Dust (2010), Liberation Through Hearing (2010) and Forest Of Evil (2010), the duo has swept the music scene off of its seemingly stable base with a […]

I discovered Herd‘s sound only last year, when he released another installment in his Tangents series on Future Sound of London‘s own label, fsoldigital. I’ll be honest, being a huge fan of everything FSOL since the early 90s, I was immediately blown away! I still play Lifeforms every time I need to enter a world of experimental downtempo and leftfield […]


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