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Psychonavigation Records is a fascinating label. Based out of Dublin, Ireland, the label was setup in 2000 by Keith Downey, and as of this writing has 68 releases under its belt. Psychonavigation is responsible for some of our favorite releases by artists such as Gel-Sol, Mick Chillage, Lackluster and more. In 2011 Headphone Commute featured a […]

Peter van Cooten has been a long time friend and a co-conspirator in our quest to turn more ears towards ambient and cinematic music. It is a great honor to have Peter put together a mix showcasing his favorite selections from ‘… and darkness came‘ compilation which has been released exactly two months ago today! I […]

There are days and even weeks when things just don’t go as they’re planned. Do you know what I mean? You start off in the morning with a few scheduled tasks, only to find out that you trip up along the way on minuscule obstacles that frustrate to no end. Perhaps it’s a simple network connection, […]

Over two years ago, :papercutz recorded a mix titled Dream Scores for Headphone Commute, which till this day is our most popular podcast on our Mixcloud page (with over 12,000 listens!). Before 2012 is over, Bruno Miguel returns for the second installment in this cinematic journey! So without further ado, here is the introduction from Bruno […]

By now Demdike Stare is more than just an occult new project from Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty. In the last couple of years, since the initial release of Symbiosis (2009) followed by Voices Of Dust (2010), Liberation Through Hearing (2010) and Forest Of Evil (2010), the duo has swept the music scene off of its seemingly stable base with a […]

Learning that Ben Frost and Daníel Bjarnason decided to work together on a project has already sent torrents of anticipation through the experimental and modern classical music communities. Finally experiencing the album is a whole other journey. Part of me is not surprised that Frost and Bjarnason partnered for this collaboration. I have previously heard […]

If you haven’t been properly spooked by the previously reviewed Grimoire from Kreng, well perhaps this little gem will do the trick. At times borderline creepy, the hair-raising screeching howls of Kaboom Karavan convey an atmosphere already painted on its cover (courtesy of the label’s head, Erik K Skodvin): an unidentifiable feathered being, with a […]

Listening to the music of Pepijn Caudron can be a bit discomforting. The story of Grimoire begins with an echo of a poignant voice, a rasping breath, a howling bass, nails clinging to a metal stool, darkness enveloping the heart, “Can you hear me? You died. Do you remember that? Don’t be afraid. Let go […]

I initially intended to review this compilation by Demdike Stare along instrumental hip-hip and West Coast Brainfeeder style producers. Ranging from hypnotic beats, to dubbed out rhythms, to eclectic ethnic sounds, the duo of Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker have been turning heads since their release on Modern Love, titled Symbiosis (2009). But it is their take […]

Maybe you have missed the latest release by the prolific Keith Kenniff, but this little gem did not escape my ears. In fact, I don’t think there’s a single release from this Portland based composer that I have not fallen in love with. From his solo piano works composed under the Goldmund alias, to beautiful […]

Welcome to another exclusive mix from Headphone Commute… On this first day of November we bring you a gorgeous journey into the subconscious mind of Subheim. Both, uplifting and dark, this musical exploration, will take you into other worlds, real and imagined. It’s always nearly impossible to describe the music featured by our podcast contributors […]

This weekend we are proud to present you with another exclusive mix from one of our favorite artists – :papercutz. Bruno Miguel has appeared on these pages before, first with the Ultraviolet Rmx’s (Apegenine, 2008), his debut album, Lylac (Apegenine, 2008) and Two and a Half Questions with Bruno Miguel; then with his own Reflections […]

Dark and moody, sad and beautiful, organic and ghostly, the latest album by Marcus Fjellström, Schattenspieler, is an incredible achievement, that grows on you with every listen. This morning, when I was hoping to be a little upbeat, the rainy weather changed my mood, and I gravitated towards yet another listen of the album, which […]

Before I dive into this melodic and emotional IDM album, I want to talk about the label. Symbolic Interaction is an independent label run by Kentaro Togawa out of his hometown, outside of Tokyo, Japan. Togawa started the label in 2007, and in the last three years released about twenty five albums (Out In A […]

There is something peculiar about soundtracks. This is music composed specifically for the moving images on the screen. But why should it be limited to film, and not accompany the daily scenes of life or stunning visuals behind my eyelids. I close the door behind me and set towards my commute to work. The music […]

Hecq… Have you heard? If you haven’t, it’s time to jump on board. And by the way, you’re missing out! After all, this is Hecq’s sixth full length release (fifth on Hymen Records). Dare I say it the following way : with Steeltongued, Hecq surpasses the leaders in electronic experimentation, Autechre, leaving them in the […]

This dusty selection of modern classical compositions originally released by Sylvain Chauveau in 2000 [and re-issued in 2002] is once again available on Type Records! This was Chauveau’s debut album, originally titled in French as Le Livre Noir Du Capitalisme, and released on a Dijon (France) based experimental and ambient label, Noise Museum [which is […]

I was originally postponing any reviews of Plaid in anticipation of their new album, Scintilli, originally planned to be released sometime in Q4 of 2008. But it seems that it has now been postponed to mid 2009, and I can’t wait that long to talk about one of my favorite artists (which you should already […]

Dark and brooding, Blackfilm envelopes you like a thick fog creeping off a cooling swampland. I recall a quote by Jim Morrison (which got embedded in my brain after Emmanuel Top’s 1994 single Turkish Bazaar) – “The music was new, black, polished chrome and came over the summer like liquid night“. Blackfilm is the anonymous […]

Lock all the doors and walk up the stairs. Turn down the lights and slightly raise the volume. Breathe slowly and try not to wet your pants. The boards creek somewhere in the attic. Lustmord enters the house. With deep moans, low drones, and bass rumbles, the walls begin to ooze evil, and if you […]


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