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What Opiuo‘s music does first and foremost is entertain me. And sometimes that’s what great music is supposed to be – fun, quirky, and [most importantly] intelligent! In all its playful rhythms and funky beats its Opiuo’s confidence that shines through the grimey bass wobble and synth stabs. For his debut full length release, Slurp […]

Here’s a set of great mini-albums and EPs that should get any IDM-head twitching… What’s more exciting is that two of these releases are available 100% for FREE for your listening pleasure! And you know you can’t go wrong with that! So grab your restraining jacket, 12-pack of Red Bull, and a vial of smelling […]

So whatever happened to these guys? You remember their hit single History Repeating, which at one point was played on every radio station back in 1997 after being featured in that hysterical film, There’s Something About Mary. Then, there was the Spybreak! track which appeared in The Matrix. Meanwhile, the track Crash, was used in Austin Powers: The […]

The FabricLive series has celebrated some really amazing output since its launch seven years ago. The monthly (!) compilation releases started in November 2001, by the London based nightclub Fabric. Alternating monthly between Fabric and FabricLive series, the club’s offshoot label has covered a diversity of genres, from tech house to drum’n’bass, from dubstep to […]

Squarepusher recently announced a new upcoming album, titled Just A Souvenir (out on Warp on October 27th, of 2008 – and already available via digital download on bleep). But on my first preview of the album, Tom Jenkinson seems to drift even further away from his original innovative broken beats and drill’n’bass, so dominated by […]

Mixing up everything from IDM to dub, electro and hip-hop, Modeselektor puts out a truly fun album that keeps me bopping up and down. There is evident humor in some of the tracks and that’s exactly that attitude that forces me to spin Happy Birthday! on for a fun ride. Not to mention an excellent […]


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