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I’ve been listening to so much ambient and modern classical music, courtesy of my benefit compilation, … and darkness came, of course, that I honestly need a little break. The end of the year is also upon us, and I must cleanse my palette in order to properly revisit all of my favorite albums of 2012. […]

Sendai Geotope Time To Express What happens when Yves De Mey and Peter Van Hoesen collaborate on a project? You get a combination of De Mey’s skill in dynamic range and modular synthesis with Van Hoesen’s attention to composition and sound design. For their first full-length album, titled Geotope, the duo returns to the studio […]

Child Bad Timing Enig’matik I’m not sure if IDM is still a viable product for physical distribution, but I must say that netlabels are still kicking it… and kicking hard! This Bad Timing EP from Child is a great example of the evolving genre from high quality laptop production into your bedroom studio and ears. The […]

I suppose it’s that time of the day when it’s appropriate to think about Dead Unicorns, My Sugar Ape, Tears And Fruit Cocktail. Just from the track names, let alone the title of the album, Trainwreck Magnetism, Mike Hayward, aka The Teknoist, sets up the stage for the dark trip into his twisted mind. If […]

In this installment of Sound Bytes, I am covering three releases which all bend the genres just a tiny bit, but enough to invent some of their own. Submotion Orchestra cleverly mixes jazz and dubstep to create some of the most amazing bass rumbling electronica, with melodies that get stuck in my head for days! […]

Open up those dusty venetian blinds, we’ve got another crrrazy in the house! Igorrr has been scrrrewing with our brrraincells since the 2008 self-released Moisissure (later picked up by Acroplane). In Headphone Commute’s review I comparrred Gautier Serre’s music to the production by V.Snares, Bong-Ra,Enduser, and Doormouse, so the followers of intelligent, and often chaotic breakcorrre, should be proud of […]

For those of us who have been forced to stem our vinyl intake, it’s nice when a label like Ad Noiseam swoops in and neatly collects a slew of great dubstep 12″s from multiple sources. Terminal Static, featuring tracks released on Ruff, Damage as well as Ad Noiseam, is such a collection — a near-comprehensive […]

This mix has been in the making for quiet some time. Maybe not in its actuality, but at least in my head. It all started when I was compiling Headphone Commute’s Best of 2008 list at the end of December last year. I wanted to select some of my favorite tracks and create hour-long sessions. […]

Since the good ol’ days of Squarepusher‘s jazzy idm breaks, laced with jungle flavored drill’n’bass, I’ve been nostalgic for that fading away sound. Even Venetian Snares modern-classical-meets-breakcore masterpiece, Rossz Csillag Alatt Született (Planet Mu, 2005), is now almost four years old. Has the genre put on an angrier mask and turned to gabber-heavy random-triggered mayhem? […]

Queuing up the self released (Untitled) LP by IJO on my iPod, I find that my collection is already sprinkled with tracks from this Lithuanian artist [currently residing in London]. A few of Audrius Vaitiekunas‘ tracks appear under my favorite Sutemos compilations: Draumar Um Kalt Sumar (Sutemos, 2006) and Intelligent Toys 4 (Sutemos, 2007). And […]

Slap! What an album… I’m really out of words. Let me attempt. Track one – Valse En Décomposition – baroque organ chords with a low-fi trip-hop beat followed by a bee buzzing turning into glitchy classical piece. Track two – Oesophage De Tourterelle – light piano arpeggios, tremolos and octave scaling progressions turning into insane […]

We can always count on Aaron Funk to punish us at least once a year. If you’re not familiar with Venetian Snares, it’s time for you to open up that hole and crawl out.  Seriously. Winnipeg (Canada) based Funk is a prolific champion of the edgiest of genres – from modern-classical orchestral arrangements violated with […]

Barry Lynn is a sneaky fellah, and I must admit, he almost slipped this release unnoticed by my watchful eye of his usual releases under the Boxcutter moniker. Thankfully he didn’t drift too far, and comfortably settled on his home label, Planet Mu. Well, Barry, what have we here? A delicious collection of abstract glitchy […]

For over two years, it seems as if dark forces surrounded Benn Jordan‘s masterpiece, Soundtrack To A Vacant Life. First, it was the death of Sublight Records (RIP), followed by continuous production delays and tour cancellations. Finally the album is here, only to arrive a couple days after Benn released the album himself to be […]


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