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It seems like an awful long time since Rustie’s Jagz The Smack EP came out on Stuffrecords. Well, 4 years to be precise. Remembering to back then, his bass-heavy “aqua krunk” style of instrumental hip hop left chinstrokers unsure if this was dubstep or something similar. In 2008, I had the pleasure of seeing him […]

Monolithium has appeared out of nowhere. He’s shot from non-existence to performances at Mutek and Decibel, not to mention a vinyl pressing (with Error Broadcast), in under year. But much like the purple space rock of his EP’s cover art, just because something is new to your galaxy doesn’t mean it hasn’t spent eons forming […]

Welcome to the world of Debian Blak, where beats and bass copulate in a blissful marriage. Profiled in Headphone Commute’s Sound Bytes column on post-dubstep, Leeds-based Rowan Perkins has been turning heads in the community dominated by loyal followers of Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Flying Lotus, and friends. For this exclusive and very special mix, […]

I sat down to cover the latest release from Planet Mu by Kuedo, and my mind migrated over to the bass sounds from Eskmo which then reminded me of an album by VibeSquaD. This is a perfect example of why Sound Bytes makes sense in that nonsensical kind of way. Three releases tied together by […]


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