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It would be a major understatement to claim that Tomorrow’s Harvest was a highly anticipated release. It seems that ever since the group’s last record in 2005, The Campfire Headphase, the internet would light up with annual gossip of their return, the frenzy spreading fast and wide only to dead-end in another discredited rumor. So […]

In 2009 Ian Hawgood released an album titled Wolfskin on Jonathan Lees‘ beautiful hibernate label. The album contained “a series of sketches inspired by childhood dreams and nightmares.” The inaugural label release billed the work as “a cathartic and cleansing collection of soundscapes, created by guitar and piano…” And it seems that Hawgood wasn’t finished with […]

Graham Reynolds Before Midnight OST Milan It is through labels, which dedicate their time and resources into a particular project, that I continue to discover new and noteworthy artists. One of such labels is Milan Records, which specializes in soundtracks and film scores. This is the same label that brought us music by Clint Mansell […]

Somewhere on the edge of our drawn maps lies our planet’s southernmost continent, Antarctica. This is a place where temperatures drop to -90°C, with almost all of its territory covered by ice. On the opposite pole of our planet lies the Arctic, a region consisting of a vast, ice-covered ocean, surrounded by treeless permafrost. These […]

Marcus Fjellström Epilogue -M- Aagoo / Rev Lab Every time I play Epilogue -M-, I can’t help but flashback to that Sunday night in Berlin, when in a warm and cozy space that is occupied by Erik K. Skodvin and Monique Recknagel (aka Miasmah/Sonic Pieces headquarters), I first witnessed a live audio/visual performance by Marcus Fjellström himself. During the night, Fjellström manipulated […]

Inspired by our podcast series, Alastair Kelly puts together a mix outlining his daily headphone commute via Ryde Pier, on the Isle of Wight, UK. This aural journey recreates the feel of a “long walk out onto the sea, beautiful scenery, and lots of wildlife.” Skim the playlist and you should be excited for this brisk […]

At first I thought that the latest release by Stephan Mathieu in collaboration with Caro Mikalef was simply a live rendition of his previously published (and critically acclaimed) album Radioland in 2008 by Die Schachtel. Indeed there is a relationship between these two releases. The original piece has been commissioned by Wili Peloche and Martín […]

On a cold and windy February morning, we are traveling into the world of Bartosz Dziadosz, a Warsaw based composer recording under the name Pleq. I’ve watched Dziadosz evolve over the last few years and slowly settle down into sublime and blissful ambiance showcased completely on this mix. Just skimming through the tracklist your eyes should land […]

Peter van Cooten has been a long time friend and a co-conspirator in our quest to turn more ears towards ambient and cinematic music. It is a great honor to have Peter put together a mix showcasing his favorite selections from ‘… and darkness came‘ compilation which has been released exactly two months ago today! I […]

There are days and even weeks when things just don’t go as they’re planned. Do you know what I mean? You start off in the morning with a few scheduled tasks, only to find out that you trip up along the way on minuscule obstacles that frustrate to no end. Perhaps it’s a simple network connection, […]

Brock Van Wey is extremely prolific. Any time I share his music with an unsuspecting audience they get drowned in awe. And every time they start the journey across his vast catalog it just swallows them whole. Today’s podcast is dedicated entirely to the works of Brock van Wey, showcasing his most known moniker, bvdub, as […]

Take a look at Celer’s discography and you won’t see a single disruption in an ongoing flow of creative output. Never mind the unfortunate events of 2009, which till this day can’t escape my concealed lips. If anything, the frequency of releases only increased, peaking at ten albums in 2011, most of which were self-released by Will […]

I am getting extremely excited (and a little bit nervous) about Headphone Commute’s benefit compilation, … and darkness came. The release date has been announced as December 10th, and in just a week you shall be able to finally experience this incredible lineup featuring the world’s top talent in ambient, modern classical and experimental music. But […]

I’m hoping that by now you have already learned about my benefit compilation, … and darkness came. If not, consider this your official invite. Kreng, by the way, is also on the list of confirmed artists, contributing an original track, The Midnight Hour. Of course, I can keep talking about that for hours! Meanwhile, I am honored […]

Well now… It feels like I’m back… For the last week I was “displaced” from my home, due to hurricane Sandy (read up on my status update) and it feels like I’m back… Not really 100% in the routine, which explains why this Headphone Commute mix gets published on a Tuesday, but it’s the mix […]

Damian Valles‘ music is a Zamboni for my mind. Invented by Frank Zamboni in 1949, the unique ice resurfacer shaves away a thin layer of ice with an incredibly sharp blade. Wash water is sprayed to loosen the debris, which is then squeegeed off and vacuumed up. Finally, a layer of hot water is applied, […]

In case I didn’t explicitly state this before, Headphone Commute is proud to be one of the Media Partners at this year’s Decibel Festival in Seattle. Yep, little ‘ol HC is right up there along with XLR8R, Beatport, Resident Advisor, and Red Bull Music Academy. To celebrate this honor, and build up the anticipation for the upcoming […]

Sometime around 2010, Scott Morgan dove even deeper into a territory of his minimal ambient sound. Morgan has been releasing on Chicago based Kranky since 2001, when he published his debut, Triple Point, as loscil. A year later he followed up with Submers, then First Narrows in 2004, and Plume in 2006. But it is the […]

Dear diary, Richard Chartier went off and made a seductive record, under his newly refurbished moniker, Pinkcourtesyphone. Chartier, of course, is a master of minimalism, known throughout the world for his sound installations and recordings on labels such as Raster-Noton, Die Stadt, Spekk, Room40, 12k, and his very own LINE. But this release appears to be […]

Air Texture Volume II Air Texture Following in the footsteps of the Pop Ambient (Kompakt) and Excursions in Ambiance (Astalwerks) legacy, the Air Texture series is back with a second volume promoting the sound of ambient, minimal and modern classical genres. The 2xCD installment presents two prominent artists with an opportunity to curate each disk. […]


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